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Femme Vitale
Vintage Love
Jump Into Sports
Vanishing Point
China Album
A Luta Continua
Rainbow Country
The Oort Cloud
"Midweek" Blend
The Dylan Hunter Show
Alan Surmachynski
The Upstairs Neighbour
Charlatan Live
Loosely Connected
The Filibuster
Bizarre Bazaar
David Dalle
The Back 40
Just Your Average Radio Show
Sunrise Drift
Mystic & Severe
An Indian Morning
Sunday Night Mind Melt
In My Good Books
Aap Ki Farmaish
I Doug That
Not For Radio
Can I Have A Word?
Turn Up The Radio
This Island Earth
Punto De Encuentro
Saturday Morning
Minding The Brain
Next Level
White Rabbit
Infinite Ceiling
Talakayang Bayan
Music From The Glen
Wednesday Special Blend
NoisyYelly Music
Results May Vary
Indigenous CKCU
Rabble Without A Cause
Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Reggae In The Fields
Swing Is In The Air
The Groove
Carleton Music Showcase
Tinig Pinoy
Canadian Spaces
Hexon Bogon
Rick's Rhythm Ride
Friday Drive
Spirit Of Vietnam
Monday Special Blend
Monday's Encounter
Thursday Special Blend
The Wavelength
Rendez-vous Haïtien
Heavy Friends
Indie City Madness
Communautés Croisées
The Guest List
Tuesday Special Blend
Welcome To My World
Asking For A Friend
Asking For A Friend
Midnight in a Perfect World
Roots and Rhythms
Whatever's Cool With Me
Sinhalese Rhythm
The Home Invasion Show
CKCU Literary News
Voice Of Somalia
The Deep Blue
Renny's Riot
Mar's Local Connection
Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Third World Players Present
Style Wars
Acoustic Frontiers
Chance Meeting
60 Minutes To Midnight
In A Mellow Tone
Over My Head
Black And Blues
Asian Sounds
Literary Landscape
Friday Special Blend
Midnight Waves
The Bear Necessities
Renaissance Haïtienne
The Sublimated Node
Track 11
Lights Out!
Friday Nite Truck Stop
Ron Steeds
Ron Steeds
RLLY Beats
RLLY Beats
Songs For
Songs For
Night Trax
Night Watch
Telephasic Workshop
Telephasic Workshop
The Vibe
Overnight Derailment
Overnight Derailment
Lost In Bass
All Those Years Ago
The Tea Party
Feel Good Lost
Studio  J  Jukebox
Candid Conversations
Candid Conversations
First Crush