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Vintage Love
A virtual environment of peace and a sense of "home" through classic lovers music within Reggae.
Hosted by: O'shea Adagio
Airs: Every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Vintage, classic and enduring Lovers and Reggae music to massage your ears and soothe your soul.

Vintage Love

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Dec. 15, 2018 O'shea Adagio TBD
Dec. 8, 2018 O'shea Adagio A Few Of My Favorite Things
Dec. 1, 2018 O'shea Adagio Thank You!!!!
Nov. 24, 2018 Junior Smith Vintage Reggae
Nov. 17, 2018 VJ-Kres and EzE Let It Flow
Nov. 10, 2018 O'shea Adagio A Change In Plans
Nov. 3, 2018 O'shea Adagio THIS IS IT!!! (We Need YOU!)

Thank you for choosing CKCU 93.1 FM and thank you for your interest in Vintage Love

Vintage Love


The Vintage Love Mission

The mission of Vintage Love is to create a virtual environment of peace and a sense of "home" through its focus on classic lovers music within the genre of Reggae as well as other genres that relate to Reggae music.

Vintage Love is a show for all walks of life due to its high standards in professionalism and its commitment to respectful radio. You will find no parental or other advisories here.

The world has much music to offer and Vintage Love promises to be a break from the norm, taking you back to when music had an uplifting nature and could instantly put a smile on your face, add some dancing moves to your feet or spark a fond memory of days gone by.  Whether over the FM airwaves, the internet or in person at your events, Vintage Love will always be "Playing With Those Memories Again".

Vintage Love is broad enough to satisfy both the Reggae aficionado as well as those new to this genre of music.

"Playing With Those Memories Again" for the seasoned listener and welcoming new listeners to this musical style.

Vintage Love aims to spread a little joy and peace around the world through positive music that celebrates life and love.


I hope you will join me this coming Saturday night for your weekend, lovers escape to those infectious beats and smooth lyrics of Reggae music, exclusively on Vintage Love, CKCU The Mighty 93.1 FM.




O'shea Adagio

Vintage Love International

"Playing With Those Memories Again"

Facebook & Twitter: vintageloveCKCU


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