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Tue Mar 19 Wed Mar 20 Thu Mar 21 Fri Mar 22 Sat Mar 23 Sun Mar 24 Mon Mar 25 Tue Mar 26
Tuesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Michael Powell
Welcome To My World
9:00 AM  Welcome To My World with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Special guest: Jeff Larocque
Mar's Local Connection
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh
The Take-Over
11:00 AM  The Take-Over with SAW
OPIRG Roots Radio
12:00 PM  OPIRG Roots Radio with Kennedy and Kenneth
We are talking Student Choice initiative. New Zealand, Pius Adesanmi "Celebration of life", Criminalization Punishment Education Project. OPIRG Elections.
Carleton Music Showcase
1:00 PM  Carleton Music Showcase with Basil Park
Jamie from Paragon Cause joins me to talk guitars, synths, music promotion and the medical system.
Feel Good Lost
3:00 PM  Feel Good Lost with Kenny Jay
mellow mood.