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Rainbow Country
12:00 AM  Rainbow Country with Mark Tara
Canada's Disco Queen + Heartland
2:00 AM  Interzone with Mimsey Demon
Andre & Michele! Del Pilar! Gamma! Syvyl! Glitterbug! Drum n Bass, techno, house, bass, and more!
Jump Into Sports
6:00 AM  Jump Into Sports with Josh Millar
The troubling legacy of Bobby Hull
Friday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Friday Special Blend with Susan Johnston
Crepu: Our DNA -- A Conversation with Sandra Ngenge Dusabe and Sharlene Clarke
Friday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Friday Special Blend with Susan Johnston
Writers Festival Radio Highlights, featuring Michelle Sinclair's Almost Visible.
Hexon Bogon
9:30 AM  Hexon Bogon with Adriana Ciccone
Interview with Kathryn Patricia Cobbler!
Mapped Out Radio
11:30 AM  Mapped Out Radio with Peter & Jordan
We're chatting about the Music.Art.Ppl & Juice Dudez collaboration happening TONITE. We also chat with artists So Durand & Sacha Foster about a new single out today called "Turning Point"
The Dylan Hunter Show
1:00 PM  The Dylan Hunter Show with Dylan Hunter
Chance Meeting
3:00 PM  Chance Meeting with Heavy Ben
Black History Month: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
4:00 PM  Candyshop with DJ Candy
Friday Drive
5:00 PM  Friday Drive with Trevor Walker
Not For Radio
7:00 PM  Not For Radio with Ladia
Sweet Soul Music
Peaceful Journey
8:00 PM  Peaceful Journey with Ya Boy Dennis, DJ Grusm & Dj Ducats
"Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"
Friday Nite Truck Stop
10:00 PM  Friday Nite Truck Stop with Ray Harris
Ray flying solo this week! Digging deep and remembering Buddy Holly, JP Richardson, and Ritchie Valens, and Black History Month!