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Wed Jan 10 Thu Jan 11 Fri Jan 12 Sat Jan 13 Sun Jan 14 Mon Jan 15 Tue Jan 16 Wed Jan 17
2:00 AM  Night Trax with Professor Mike
Episode 203: One Team, One Mission
7:00 AM  Monday Special Blend with Trish Bolechowsky
Chat with Ali McCormick - at Irene's Friday. Chat with Sandy Irvin - Folkus Series. Chat with Olga Tkachuk about Food Sharing Ottawa.
8:30 AM  Movie Mondays with Micheal O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Good at His Job
9:00 AM  The Filibuster with Brendan McLoughlin and Ben James
Accidental warning alert in Hawaii leads to mass panic on Island state. Discussing the fallout of this phenomenon, stay tuned for an update on the investigation.
11:00 AM  The New Local with DJ Emcee K
Hanging out w/​ Stefan Jurewicz!
12:30 PM  Acoustic Frontiers with Ralph Hopper
Horacio Vaggione, Ragnar Grippe, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Michael Lukaszuk, Vanessa Sorce-Levesque, Maxime Corbeil-Perron, Stephen Ruppenthal & Brian Belet
2:00 PM  Communautés Croisées with Patrick Auguste
Projections 2018 !
3:00 PM  Unclassifiable with Donovan Friesen
...With PHIL!
4:00 PM  Turn Up The Radio with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Monday + Music +
5:00 PM  Indie City Madness with Rick Vaughan & Elly Laberge
Ep. 130: Bangers & Mash and Contact Ontarois
6:00 PM  Monday's Encounter with Mihajlo Kos
Vacation Updates
7:00 PM  Namaashoum with Mehdi Fallahi
Namaashoum 852
9:00 PM  Joe Reilly with Joe Reilly
A nice mix of electronica, hip hop and pop and a few songs by the Cranberries
11:00 PM  Meltdown with Dmitri
Interview with Adam from The Dead Centuries! CD Release show coming up on January 26th at Live on Elgin!