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Renny's Riot
12:00 AM  Renny's Riot with Rejected Renny
POST VALENTINE'S DAY CARNAGE! Songs of heartache for the heartbroken, rawk & roll for the rejected & country for the wretched. Expect bitterness, cynicism & stupidity (& that's just the music).
2:00 AM  Interzone with Mimsey Demon
Hip hop, drum n bass, industrial and more!
Jump Into Sports
6:00 AM  Jump Into Sports with Joshua Millar
What just happened in sports , and what may well follow, as seen and pondered by Joshua Millar.
Friday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Friday Special Blend with Allen Roulston
Canada's meddling involvement in Venezuela.
A Luta Continua
9:00 AM  A Luta Continua with Monique Fuller
Nicaragua's Sandinista and Protest
Friday Morning Cartunes
9:30 AM  Friday Morning Cartunes with John Westhaver
time we left this world today...
The Dylan Hunter Show
1:00 PM  The Dylan Hunter Show with Dylan Hunter
First Crush
3:00 PM  First Crush with John Peippo
Johnny P filling in! The Old Switcheroo! Tune in next Fri. for Zoe!
4:00 PM  Candyshop with DJ Dolly
Do You Ever Think About It?
Friday Drive
5:00 PM  Friday Drive with Trevor Walker
Can Con
Friday Nite Truck Stop
10:00 PM  Friday Nite Truck Stop with Ray Harris
In honour of Valentine's Day, gonna play a batch of love songs - both happy & sad. Also, Kate Greenland aka Mabel Beggs drops by to talk Cash Bash & other stuff. Waylon tributes, & more of the usual amazing stuff you've become accustomed to!