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Mon Oct 16 Tue Oct 17 Wed Oct 18 Thu Oct 19 Fri Oct 20 Sat Oct 21 Sun Oct 22 Mon Oct 23
12:00 AM  The Deep Blue with VH3 & Jon Degan
Funding Drive Show #1
2:00 AM  The Overnight Sensation with Jesse Proulx
Episode 26: Funding Drive '17 Part 1 - Gnarly Ottawa Music/​Neil Young (1969 - 1975)
7:00 AM  Saturday Morning with Pat Moore
FUNDING DRIVE - thank you for your support!
10:00 AM  Canadian Spaces with Slo'Tom and Chris White
Funding Drive! Daphne Volante, Paul Roberto and Gilles Leclerc, Andre Gagne, William Pearl, Eleanor Crowder, Robin Guy and Scott Richardson (Bear & Co.), Folk Music Ontario conference, Trish Bolechowsky, Shelley Ann Morris
1:00 PM  The Groove with Elorious Cain
3:00 PM  Reggae In The Fields with Junior Smith
Funding Drive 2017 - Part 1 of 3 Call 613-520-3920 locally or Secure online pledge atĀ active 24 hours.
5:30 PM  Spirit Of Vietnam with Minhtri Truong
Funding Drive show 1
6:00 PM  Steve Kirkland with Steve Kirkland
FUNDING DRIVE SHOW #1 - I'm joined by my friend Wally Salem, longtime listener to CKCU, a repeat guest on this program, and the founder of Ottawa's "the beautiful music", an independent record label founded in 2001, fond of putting out local and internati
8:00 PM  Heavy Friends with Heavy Ben, Jas Nasty, Chris I
Heavy Friends 2017 funding drive show numero uno
10:00 PM  Vintage Love with O'shea Adagio
I Turn To You - Annual Funding Drive Week #1