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Thu June 13 Fri June 14 Sat June 15 Sun June 16 Mon June 17 Tue June 18 Wed June 19 Thu June 20
Mystic & Severe
12:00 AM  Mystic & Severe with Michael O'Keefe
Hungry for more Action - 5 interviews with 5 lovers of innovative action cinema: Film Historian Mike Siegel, Producer Alan Hofmanis, Director Uwe Boll, Director Nabwana I.G.G. & Film Historian Howard S. Berger
The Home Invasion Show
2:00 AM  The Home Invasion Show with Livin' Large
Thursday Blend Early
7:00 AM  Thursday Blend Early with Jeff Larocque with Pierre Kharyati
Moving Day Show! My last Thursday program before I move to Tuesday's from 8-9 am. I will be weekly starting June 18. Today, Neverfriend CD Release, and Grande Finale - Italian Week plus a bonus #PepTalk before we pack up and move to Tuesday.
Thursday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend with David Yazbeck
Whatever's Cool With Me
9:30 AM  Whatever's Cool With Me with Ryan Bresee
The Half Size Giants Episode
White Rabbit
12:00 PM  White Rabbit with DJ N/A & DJ Queen B
🚲vs. 🚗, Part 1
I Doug That
1:00 PM  I Doug That with Doug Bird
Some stuff you haven't heard for a longtime. Or maybe never. You were warned my friends. But I assure you that it will be painless.
David Dalle
2:00 PM  David Dalle with David Dalle
Electric Guitars Over Africa: electric guitar-driven music from west and central Africa, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, the Congo and elsewhere.
Janis Lockwood
4:00 PM  Janis Lockwood with Janis Lockwood
The Guest List
5:00 PM  The Guest List with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Jane Siberry, Lydia Persaud and Yes We Mystic
Third World Players Present
6:00 PM  Third World Players Present with Lloyd Stanford
My Affair With Words, part 6 - Lloyd Stanford in conversation with John Harewood
Literary Landscape
6:30 PM  Literary Landscape with Kate Hunt
Bizarre Bazaar
7:00 PM  Bizarre Bazaar with Regis
Episode II of all Psych June
Infinite Ceiling
8:30 PM  Infinite Ceiling with Sean McFee
Ottawa Live Music
10:00 PM  Ottawa Live Music with OLM Crew Phil, Dick, Colin & Arjun!
Original Supreme makes spacey sounds
Track 11
11:00 PM  Track 11 with Dick Altavista