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Mon Mar 12 Tue Mar 13 Wed Mar 14 Thu Mar 15 Fri Mar 16 Sat Mar 17 Sun Mar 18 Mon Mar 19
2:00 AM  Night Trax with Professor Mike
Episode 211: Spring Break 2018
7:00 AM  Monday Special Blend with Trish Bolechowsky and Max Marshall
Max Marshall co-hosts with Trish, a little Max Marshall favs playlist then some original live Max Marshall tunes. After 8 am Antoine L. Collins drops by with his new album NatureBoy: The Music Of Nat King Cole
8:30 AM  Movie Mondays with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Traumedy - the films of Martin McDonagh
9:00 AM  The Filibuster with Brendan McLoughlin
Ontario PC Leadership Convention results
11:00 AM  The New Local with Emcee K, with a DesTrois starter
12:30 PM  Acoustic Frontiers with Ralph Hopper
JTTP 2017 winning works, JTTP 2000, James Surgenor
2:00 PM  Communautés Croisées with Patrick Auguste
Transforming Life Center !
3:00 PM  Unclassifiable with Donovan Friesen
...with PHIL!
4:00 PM  Turn Up The Radio with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Punk Rock + Deep Grooves + 80s Oddball +
5:00 PM  Indie City Madness with Elly Laberge and Julie Cormier-Doiron
Ep. 138: Elly's Birthday Episode
6:00 PM  Monday's Encounter with Mihajlo Kos
Maria Krstic and of course, we try to stop Novak Djokovic from making us cry.
6:30 PM  Talakayang Bayan with Me and Gabby
7:00 PM  Namaashoum with Mehdi Fallahi
Namaashoum 860
9:00 PM  Joe Reilly with Dave Alburger
DST Blues
11:00 PM  Meltdown with Dmitri
Metal, metal, and more metal.