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Thursday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend with Jeff Larocque & Riley Murphy
Welcome Co-Host Riley for her CKCU debut! Linda Vanderlee - Living Aligned and Dick AltaVista
Whatever's Cool With Me
9:30 AM  Whatever's Cool With Me with Ryan Bresee
The Long Song Episode
The Sound Affect
12:00 PM  The Sound Affect with Dave Meehan and Tom O'Connor
Elephants and Stars pick Bleed American by Jimmy Eats World Part 2
The Sound Affect
12:00 PM  The Sound Affect with Dave Meehan and Tom O'Connor
Rise Carmine pick The Bends by Radiohead
All Those Years Ago
12:00 PM  All Those Years Ago with Chris Harold
All Those Years Ago
I Doug That
1:00 PM  I Doug That with Doug Bird
Couple of bands who have never played on the show. Now that would put one in Dire Straits wouldn't it? Unless you happen to belong to the Teenage Fanclub. Or unless you've gone Phishing?
David Dalle
2:00 PM  David Dalle with David Dalle
Keith Jarrett, Torino, October 28, 1996; Libya and Morocco.
Communautés Croisées
4:00 PM  Communautés Croisées with Patrick Auguste
Une évolution artistique épanouissante !!
The Guest List
5:00 PM  The Guest List with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Claire Coupland, Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers and Alexander Shelly, the musical director of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
Third World Players Present
6:00 PM  Third World Players Present with Lloyd Stanford
The Cronipoemas of Jorge Etcheverry, part 1 (from 2016)
6:30 PM  WINGS with WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden
Matrix Societies
Bizarre Bazaar
7:00 PM  Bizarre Bazaar with DJ Out-Regis
Infinite Ceiling
8:30 PM  Infinite Ceiling with Colin & Emily
Infinite Ceiling: Thursday Evenings w/​ Colin and Emily
Vanishing Point
10:00 PM  Vanishing Point with Corrie
Ottawa Psych Fest III
Track 11
11:00 PM  Track 11 with Duncan Spencer
Stellar September Sounds