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Heat Wave
12:00 AM  Heat Wave with massive VIBES
Soca Sweep
2:00 AM  Interzone with MImsey Demon
Industrial, progressive, house, dub, Mimsey's mini US Thanksgiving tribute, and more!
Jump Into Sports
6:00 AM  Jump Into Sports with Josh Millar
whats next for Bill Peters? week 13 NFL picks
Friday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Friday Special Blend with Chris White and Barb Gray
Lindsay Arnold, Arthur McGregor, Cynthia Iburg (Museum of Nature), Roxanne Goodman and Sylvia Fleming (Big Soul Project), Allison Fagan (Gracenote), Pippa Hall, Shawnee
Friday Morning Cartunes
9:30 AM  Friday Morning Cartunes with John Westhaver
light on black friday...
The Dylan Hunter Show
1:00 PM  The Dylan Hunter Show with Dylan Hunter
The Oort Cloud
3:00 PM  The Oort Cloud with The Moog Man
Far-Out Fri-Daze #38
4:00 PM  Candyshop with Candace
Candyhead Crunch!!
Friday Drive
5:00 PM  Friday Drive with Trevor Walker
Retro future digs
Friday Nite Truck Stop
10:00 PM  Friday Nite Truck Stop with Lefty!

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Genericized Showlet
Sun Dec 1  Genericized Showlet with Colin
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