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Wed June 13 Thu June 14 Fri June 15 Sat June 16 Sun June 17 Mon June 18 Tue June 19 Wed June 20
Lost In Bass
12:00 AM  Lost In Bass with T-23
The Witching Hours
2:00 AM  The Witching Hours with Kanaska Carter
Interview with rapper/​artist, father and activist Miles Megaciph.
Tuesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Adam Coombs and Mike Powell
Lots of Polaris Long Listers, Law School Court Decisions, and more!
Welcome To My World
9:00 AM  Welcome To My World with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Welcome To My I Dug That!
Mar's Local Connection
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh with a visit from Dick Altavista/Richard Parks
The Take-Over
11:00 AM  The Take-Over with SAW
OPIRG Roots Radio
12:00 PM  OPIRG Roots Radio with Hope the Builder
Great music, movement to end homelessness, new science with Peter Russell
Carleton Music Showcase
1:00 PM  Carleton Music Showcase with Alex Harea
Maple Grove CD Release
DJ Imp-Yam
DJ Imp-Yam
2:00 PM  DJ Imp-Yam with Matthew filling in
Filling the space between your ears
The Nick & TK Show
The Nick & TK Show
2:30 PM  The Nick & TK Show with NICK and TK
Global Competition
Auditory Hallucinations
3:00 PM  Auditory Hallucinations with Zach Baird
Media Dreams
Friends with Benefits
4:00 PM  Friends with Benefits with Zach Baird
Just another Jazz Show :)
Digestive Tracks
5:00 PM  Digestive Tracks with Yaz and Chris
Another new brewery in Ottawa, a Korean Cooking Competition, Beau's sows their wild oats, and more!
Tinig Pinoy
6:00 PM  Tinig Pinoy with Tinig Pinoy Team
Community News, News From The Philippines, Showbiz News And Original Pilipino Music
Aap Ki Farmaish
7:00 PM  Aap Ki Farmaish with Baljit Nagpal
Interview with Kapil Goyal on Sahara yoga and the practicing of Kundalini meditation followed by songs about love and romance
Alan Surmachynski
8:00 PM  Alan Surmachynski with Alan Surmachynski
What's The Frequency?
10:00 PM  What's The Frequency? with Kevin O'Meara
1956 (Part 1)
NoisyYelly Music
11:00 PM  NoisyYelly Music with Phil
2018 Episode 16