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Show Date:
Wed Jan 10 Thu Jan 11 Fri Jan 12 Sat Jan 13 Sun Jan 14 Mon Jan 15 Tue Jan 16 Wed Jan 17
12:00 AM  Lost In Bass with T-23
7:00 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Adam Coombs and Mike Powell
Interviews Galore! We talk about groceries, cycling in Ottawa and seagulls eating garbage!
9:00 AM  Welcome To My World with Kim Kilpatrick and Shellley Ann Morris
Shopping, Running Errands and Kim’s Upcoming show at GCTC this summer
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh
11:00 AM  The Take-Over with SAW & FAR
Ya Lane Is Your Oyster
12:00 PM  OPIRG Roots Radio with DJ Anonymous
Anti-fascism in Canada and the Algonquin Land Claim with Lynn Gehl
2:00 PM  Speak Out with Mamta Manhas
Coordinator of Carleton's Mawandoseg centre Summer-Harmony Twenish speaking about RISE 2018, Noah Richardson on trauma and journalism and the controversy surrounding Trump's comments on immigration.
2:30 PM  On The Sidelines with Courtney Trim and Alyson Duffy
3:00 PM  Auditory Hallucinations with Zach Baird
4:00 PM  Friends with Benefits with Tonya Price
Only the best, for you!
6:00 PM  Tinig Pinoy with DJ Regina Sosing Dj Michelle Alfeche DJ Eddy Villarta
8:00 PM  Alan Surmachynski with Alan Surmachynski