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CKCU Literary News
9:30 AM  CKCU Literary News with Hans G. Ruprecht
Feature interview with Dr. Simone SCHRÖDER, Head of Program, International Literature Festival Berlin (Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin) about the festival's 21st edition (ilb 2021), SEPT 08-18.
Renny's Riot
1:30 PM  Renny's Riot with Recoiling Renny
GUN PLAY! Fifty caliber fun with Soul, Ska, old R&B, Country, Jazz, Hillbilly Boogie, Rockabilly, Reggae, Punk Rock & Instrumentals about firearms.
3:30 PM  COASUS with Harri
I Was a Little Angry...
4:30 PM  A.F.A.R. with Carolyn Harris
This week, we'll be listening to a re-broadcast of my interview with the abolitionist vegan advocates Inge and Thomas, who live in the Netherlands.
The Upstairs Neighbour
5:00 PM  The Upstairs Neighbour with Neal
The Wisconsin Sessions, pt. 70 : Light n breezy poppin sleezy
Asian Sounds
6:00 PM  Asian Sounds with Jagjeet Sharma and Surinder Sharma
Interview with Dr. Liu and selected songs
In A Mellow Tone
9:00 PM  In A Mellow Tone with Heavy Ben
Peace Flag Ensemble, Ken Vandermark, Muriel Grossmann
Rabble Without A Cause
11:00 PM  Rabble Without A Cause with Ron Steeds
The Music Of Jemeel Moondoc