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Just Your Average Radio Show
12:00 AM  Just Your Average Radio Show with Dave Meehan
My summer Jams?
Results May Vary
2:00 AM  Results May Vary with Arjun
Today's episode... a sentence
Sunrise Drift
5:00 AM  Sunrise Drift with Rosh
Show #105: The 401 Road Trip Playlist
Wednesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Wednesday Special Blend with tic
Dickall Tavista
CKCU Literary News
9:30 AM  CKCU Literary News with Hans G. Ruprecht
L‘entrevue de l‘écrivaine allemande Shida Bazyar, d‘origine iranienne, à la ’Librairie du soleil‘ (Ottawa).
Lesson Hear
10:30 AM  Lesson Hear with Brianna
Old jams with a twist
In Tune
11:00 AM  In Tune with Lindsay
New music from Dusted, Beatrice Deer, Baby Cages and Ottawa's Novusolis and Kimberly Sunstrum
Loosely Connected
12:00 PM  Loosely Connected with PeterB
Music fest season is upon us! WestFest in review, and JazzFest warm-up. GO SEE LIVE MUSIC!!
Both Kinds Of Music
1:30 PM  Both Kinds Of Music with Dick Altavista
Guest Mike McDonald. See Jr Gone Wild at The Dominion Tavern next Tuesday evening with Lone Pig & The Rhythm Sucklers
Pure Radio Kaos
3:30 PM  Pure Radio Kaos with BOBBY M
Remote Planet
4:30 PM  Remote Planet with D. Altavista
The Upstairs Neighbour
5:00 PM  The Upstairs Neighbour with Neal
Jarring Fireflies
Asian Sounds
6:00 PM  Asian Sounds with Jagjeet and Surinder Sharma
Veena Balsawar to chat with me about my book...second half talk about OIFFA and a few of the movies
Punto De Encuentro
7:00 PM  Punto De Encuentro with Sonia
Día Mundial de los Refugiados/​Niñez Enjaulada en Estados Unidos.
Roots and Rhythms
8:00 PM  Roots and Rhythms with Rhythmic Renny
THE BIG TOWN PLAYBOYS - Live & Kicking. Britain's premier Jump Blues combo's first album, "Playboy Boogie", from 1984. In 2015 Secret Records reissued the concert on CD as "Hole In My Pocket". Tonight we listen to their swinging set in its entirety.
In A Mellow Tone
9:00 PM  In A Mellow Tone with Zach Baird
Bix, Bunny and Bird: Three early Jazz musicians with a tragically short career