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Lost In Bass
12:00 AM  Lost In Bass with T-23
The Witching Hours
2:00 AM  The Witching Hours with Kanaska
What are skinwalkers? Tales from Skinwalker Ranch. Are angels real? Are elves real? What are Fairies? Yule/​Christmas mythology and folklore. Ghostly encounters with angels. Krampus the Christmas Demon.
Tuesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Michael Powell
Welcome To My World
9:00 AM  Welcome To My World with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Last Show of 2018
Mar's Local Connection
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh
Christmas/​Holiday Music Canadian Style with a little blues added
The Take-Over
11:00 AM  The Take-Over with SAW
OPIRG Roots Radio
12:00 PM  OPIRG Roots Radio with DesTrois filling in
Oh where oh where did the Braystwins twins go??
Carleton Music Showcase
1:00 PM  Carleton Music Showcase with Basil Park
Scotty P joins me in studio to talk music, recording and living with multiple projects.
On The Sidelines
2:00 PM  On The Sidelines with Alyson and Sam
New Ravens soccer signings, Canada Games, Sens and 67s
Friends with Benefits
4:00 PM  Friends with Benefits with Tonya Price
La vie en flow