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Fri Sep 15 Sat Sep 16 Sun Sep 17 Mon Sep 18 Tue Sep 19 Wed Sep 20 Thu Sep 21 Fri Sep 22
12:00 AM  T.B.A. with Reckless Renny
Rock & Roll radio with The Ramones, UIC, The Humpers, Bo Diddley, Evan Johns & The Hillbilly Soul Surfers and more.
2:00 AM  Rick's Rhythm Ride with Rick
7:00 AM  Gospel Express with Picasso
8:00 AM  Over My Head with David Leibold
9:00 AM  Aboriginal CKCU with Steven Price
Minay Music
10:00 AM  An Indian Morning with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
The first 30 minutes of the program features classical, religious as well as regional and popular music. The second one hour features community announcements and ear pleasing music from old/​new & popular Indian films.
11:30 AM  Music From The Glen with Gord Peeling
Music for a late arriving summer!
1:00 PM  This Island Earth with Neil Bakshi
Music from Montreal's Constantinople, some Somali Funk from the 70's, a little Mento, and, Jamaican folk music, and some dance and house music from around the planet.
4:00 PM  Swing Is In The Air with Peter Feldman
Artists I have known!
6:00 PM  Voice Of Somalia with mohamed and cabdulaahi
somali show
8:00 PM  The Sixties with David Sampson
Band Feature: Steppenwolf-Part 3
9:00 PM  Black And Blues with John Tackaberry
"Double Strike" - Blues and rhythm and blues from The Andy T Band led by guitarist Andy Talamantez with singers Alabama Mike and Nick Nixon since 2013 highlighting songs off the band's latest release for American Showplace Music
11:00 PM  Night Watch with Dav Fot
Slim and Popular!! Kim Salmon!!