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The Deep Blue
12:00 AM  The Deep Blue with Jon Degan
Power is Down but the house music is Up
Saturday Morning
7:00 AM  Saturday Morning with Mike Regenstreif
"If it were up to me, it'd be July all the time"
Canadian Spaces
10:00 AM  Canadian Spaces with Anne-Marie Brugger and Chris White
Live from The Turning Point at 411 Cooper near Bank.
Back 40
12:00 PM  Back 40 with Anne-Marie Brugger and Chris White
Ron Moores
The Groove
1:00 PM  The Groove with Elorious Cain
POSSIBLE BIG BALL SOUNDTRACK (edits, new disco, nudisco)
Reggae In The Fields
3:00 PM  Reggae In The Fields with Junior Smith
Top 25 Dance and Top 25 Reggae singles in Jamaica today
Spirit Of Vietnam
5:30 PM  Spirit Of Vietnam with QD Nong
News related to human rights in Vietnam (RFA) and article about love songs from composer Trầm Tử Thiêng as a forewarning for his own love (SBS).
Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
6:00 PM  Volume, Contrast, Brilliance with Steve Kirkland
toohot radio
Heavy Friends
8:00 PM  Heavy Friends with Heavy Lina
Cosmic magic- Strut 25th anniversary show!
Vintage Love
10:00 PM  Vintage Love with O'shea Adagio