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Tue Oct 15 Wed Oct 16 Thu Oct 17 Fri Oct 18 Sat Oct 19 Sun Oct 20 Mon Oct 21 Tue Oct 22
Mystic & Severe
12:00 AM  Mystic & Severe with Michael O'Keefe
Graveyard Of Honor - 3 Legendary Directors & Friends
The Home Invasion Show
2:00 AM  The Home Invasion Show with Livin' Large
Thursday Blend Early
7:00 AM  Thursday Blend Early with Dennis Sakalauskas
Get going in the morning! More motivating BEATS for an early start to the weekend!
Thursday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend with David Yazbeck
Thursday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend with David Yazbeck
Whatever's Cool With Me
9:30 AM  Whatever's Cool With Me with Ryan Bresee
The Safia Nolin Break-Up Song Episode
White Rabbit
12:00 PM  White Rabbit with DJ N/A & Queen B
They don't want the soil just the oil thats beneath that!
I Doug That
1:00 PM  I Doug That with Doug Bird
Some more stuff that you ain't never hoid before and some stuff that you may have. Who knows. Let's keep our fingers crossroaded.
David Dalle
2:00 PM  David Dalle with David Dalle
Franco, soukous from Tanzania and Kenya, Utsav Lal, Kamancello, Kurdish music and more.
Reckless With My Heart
Reckless With My Heart
4:00 PM  Reckless With My Heart with Chris White
The songs of WIlliam Hawkins
The Guest List
5:00 PM  The Guest List with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Carolyn Mark, Michael Watson of Amnita and Laurent Bourque
Third World Players Present
6:00 PM  Third World Players Present with Lloyd Stanford
Equatoria, part 5 - rebroadcast from 2010
Literary Landscape
6:30 PM  Literary Landscape with Kate Hunt
Can-Con pre-game!
Bizarre Bazaar
7:00 PM  Bizarre Bazaar with Regis
It's dark out there...
Infinite Ceiling
8:30 PM  Infinite Ceiling with mark
Nash the Slash... 90 minutes of tunes from the bandaged one
Vanishing Point
10:00 PM  Vanishing Point with Celestial Spores
Psychedelic and Spacey
Track 11
11:00 PM  Track 11 with Duncan Spencer
October Auditory Oddities II