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Show Date:
Tue Dec 11 Wed Dec 12 Thu Dec 13 Fri Dec 14 Sat Dec 15 Sun Dec 16 Mon Dec 17 Tue Dec 18
Mystic & Severe
12:00 AM  Mystic & Severe with Michael O’Keefe
The Home Invasion Show
2:00 AM  The Home Invasion Show with Livin' Large
Chain Reaction
6:00 AM  Chain Reaction with Mad Max
An interview with Ted Axe, prolific Ottawa musician, and samples of his music.
Thursday Blend Early
7:00 AM  Thursday Blend Early with Allen Roulston
Interview with Frank Smith of Sills & Smith
Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck with Matthew Crosier
Matchstick Skeletons
Whatever's Cool With Me
9:30 AM  Whatever's Cool With Me with Ryan Bresee
The Stars Episode
Charlatan Live
12:00 PM  Charlatan Live with Matthew filling in
Capital Collective
12:30 PM  Capital Collective with Emily D'Orazio and Alanna Smith
I Doug That
1:00 PM  I Doug That with Doug Bird
A entire whole group bunch of tunes. The latest Roy Harper, some older, Jeff Lang and some Sensational Alex Harvey Band No really. Sure as the sun sets in the East.
David Dalle
2:00 PM  David Dalle with David Dalle
In-depth look at "Two Niles to sing a melody", a compilation of 70's Sudanese music and Igor Levit's "Life", many saxophonists and more!
Janis Lockwood
4:00 PM  Janis Lockwood with Janis Lockwood
The Guest List
5:00 PM  The Guest List with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Folly and the Hunter and Paper Beat Scissors
Third World Players Present
6:00 PM  Third World Players Present with Lloyd Stanford
Tagore - A Renaissance Man From India - part 2, with Dr. Ratna Ray
Literary Landscape
6:30 PM  Literary Landscape with Edie B
Mary Ann Tippett
Bizarre Bazaar
7:00 PM  Bizarre Bazaar with Regis
Moving forward is sometimes the hardest thing
Infinite Ceiling
8:30 PM  Infinite Ceiling with mark
National violin day. Violin tunes from Embryo, The Book of Knots, Boud Deun, Ozone Quartet, FM, Frank Zappa, L. Shankar, KBB, L'Engoulevent, Conventum, The Night Watch, Aquarelle, & Electric Asturias
Ottawa Live Music
10:00 PM  Ottawa Live Music with OLM Crew: Tech wizards Colin, Dave and Phil Hosts Candace and Dick
Track 11
11:00 PM  Track 11 with Duncan Spencer
Christmas Special!!!