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Show Date:
Thu Sep 29 Fri Sep 30 Sat Oct 1 Sun Oct 2 Mon Oct 3 Tue Oct 4 Wed Oct 5 Thu Oct 6
Saturday Morning
7:00 AM  Saturday Morning with Alan Surmachynski
Empty Bottles & Broken Hearts
Canadian Spaces
10:00 AM  Canadian Spaces with Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White
Lynn Miles, Missy Burgess, Arthur McGregor, Maria Hawkins, Campbell Woods and many more join Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the show Chopper McKinnon started way back in 1980 !
The Back 40
12:00 PM  The Back 40 with Ron Moores
Prince Edward Island singer-songwriter Shane Pendergast visits to showcase is third release, “The House Before the Bridge”.
The Groove
1:00 PM  The Groove with Elorious Cain
discotheque jumpin'
Reggae In The Fields
3:00 PM  Reggae In The Fields with Junior Smith
Recent Releases
Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
6:00 PM  Volume, Contrast, Brilliance with Steve Kirkland
Heavy Friends
8:00 PM  Heavy Friends with Chris Ikonomopoulos with Heavy Guest Tarek Al-Zand
Classic Mixtape from Heavy Friend t_al_z ... and them some reggae!