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Results May Vary
2:00 AM  Results May Vary with Arjun
Today's episode... a rerun!
Wednesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Wednesday Special Blend with tic
# 816. Cash Bash, Debaser
CKCU Literary News
9:30 AM  CKCU Literary News with Hans G. Ruprecht
Pierre-Luc BÉLANGER, entrevue.
10:00 AM  Earthgauge with Mark Mabro
The climate crisis continues... Feature interview with Guy Dauncey about his new report 'Climate Emergency: A 26 week transition program for Canada'.
Loosely Connected
12:00 PM  Loosely Connected with PeterB
Loosely Connected Surprise Attack on Midweek! Starting with the AMAZING Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have A Dream".
Both Kinds Of Music
1:30 PM  Both Kinds Of Music with Dick Altavista
Amazing Voices, Amazing Songs
3:30 PM  COASUS with Dick Altavista
Music from my university days 1981-1985
4:30 PM  A.F.A.R. with Carolyn
This week, Sandra Higgins, the founder and director of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and Go Vegan World, speaks about the sanctuary and the nonhuman animals who live there.
The Upstairs Neighbour
5:00 PM  The Upstairs Neighbour with Neal
#350 : 60s French Pop : Part Deux
Asian Sounds
6:00 PM  Asian Sounds with Bobby Gulati, Jagjeet Sharma, Surinder Sharma
Bobby covers the first half-hour with some new tunes by local artishts; Surinder and I chatted about Khayyam, one of Hindi film industry's music director
Punto De Encuentro
7:00 PM  Punto De Encuentro with Sonia
El Acontecer de Nuestra América.
The Tea Party
8:00 PM  The Tea Party with Brianna
Bri's Back!!!
In A Mellow Tone
9:00 PM  In A Mellow Tone with Jean-Michel Labatut
Black History Month
Rabble Without A Cause
11:00 PM  Rabble Without A Cause with Bruce Walton
Carla Bley & Paul Haines- Escalator Over The Hill
Rabble Without A Cause
11:00 PM  Rabble Without A Cause with Jean-Michel Labatut
Walt Dickerson: The composer and the vibes player.