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Sun Aug 11 Mon Aug 12 Tue Aug 13 Wed Aug 14 Thu Aug 15 Fri Aug 16 Sat Aug 17 Sun Aug 18
Night Trax
2:00 AM  Night Trax with Professor Mike
Episode 276: An Once Of Action Is Worthy Of A Ton Of Theory
Monday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Monday Special Blend with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott
A chat with Kelly Symes about the Chef's Table series plus music, so much music!
​I'm Talking Here!
8:30 AM  ​I'm Talking Here! with Joshua Robert Bateman and Josh Murray
Where'd You Go, Bernadette and Netflix Original Films
The Filibuster
9:00 AM  The Filibuster with Brendan McLoughlin, Ben James, Jonathan Falcone
The Boys are back in Town! after almost two months of Hiatus The Filibuster is back and better than ever!
10:00 AM  Curiocity with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about ▫︎ Jazzy video game cover band F8-Bit with drummer Michel ▫︎ Hip hop /​ RnB artist There There and his new record, "In Seed"
The Vibe
11:30 AM  The Vibe with DesTrois
covering for Makki!
Two Man Advantage
12:00 PM  Two Man Advantage with Stuart Miller-Davis and Tim Austen
Ravens sports are back!!!
Acoustic Frontiers
12:30 PM  Acoustic Frontiers with Ralph Hopper
Paul Dolden, Johannes Sistermanns, Andrew Hill, Sophie Delafontaine, James Andean, Ragnar Grippe
3:00 PM  Unclassifiable with Donovan Friesen
Turn Up The Radio
4:00 PM  Turn Up The Radio with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Jazz + Blues + Reggae + "Dance"
Indie City Madness
5:00 PM  Indie City Madness with Rick Vaughan & Julie Cormier-Doiron
Ep. 302: Teach Me How to Have Fun
Talakayang Bayan
6:30 PM  Talakayang Bayan with Aimee Beboso, Steffi Martina, and Alyssa Rufo
An interview with Catherine Coumans: a Research Coordinator and Asia-Pacific Program Coordinator at MiningWatch Canada
7:00 PM  Namaashoum with Mehdi Fallahi + Nasrin Javanfar
Namaashoum 936
The Wavelength
9:00 PM  The Wavelength with Dave Alburger
Music is the best
11:00 PM  Meltdown with Dimitri
Lotsa Lotsa Metal!