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Rainbow Country
12:00 AM  Rainbow Country with Mark Tara
2:00 AM  Interzone with Mimsey Demon
Farewell to Anchalie Miles. Farewell to Norm MacDonald. New mixes by NC-17, Doc Savage & Aufki, and Amber Long! Drum n Bass, house, techno.
Jump Into Sports
6:00 AM  Jump Into Sports with josh millar
Handling success
Friday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Friday Special Blend with Susan Johnston
Confluences: BRAVO celebrates 30 years. Writers Collective of Canada Spoken Word Cafe
A Luta Continua
9:00 AM  A Luta Continua with Monique Fuller
MASALA MORNING RITUALS: Nourishing Your Body, Mind and Soul - Book
Hexon Bogon
9:30 AM  Hexon Bogon with Adriana Ciccone
" for plants [and trees] and the people who love them..."
Mapped Out Radio
11:30 AM  Mapped Out Radio with Nick
We are dedicating this episode to Amber Long who is headlining our Echoes 2 event at Ottawa's SAW Gallery on Friday Sept 17th
The Dylan Hunter Show
1:00 PM  The Dylan Hunter Show with Dylan Hunter
Chance Meeting
3:00 PM  Chance Meeting with Heavy Ben
Damn Good Coffee: guitar-based instrumentals to soundtrack my own private Twin Peaks
4:00 PM  Candyshop with DJ Candy
Happy Radio 6th!
Friday Drive
5:00 PM  Friday Drive with Trevor Walker
[Cutting Loose, Having Fun with Ottawa Diggs]
Not For Radio
7:00 PM  Not For Radio with Ladia
Mildly RnB
Friday Nite Truck Stop
10:00 PM  Friday Nite Truck Stop with Ray Harris & Lefty!
Hour#1 - Lefty's got new Reckless Kelly, Forest Sun, Jesse Dayton and more! Hour#2 - Ray's got new Plume, Plant/​Krauss, Wiffen + a GREAT new Friends Of Steve track + same title songs + cool Stones covers in honour of Charlie Watts!