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Night Trax
2:00 AM  Night Trax with Professor Mike
Episode 254: Strength. Sport. Spirit.
Monday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Monday Special Blend with Trish Bolechowsky and Joel Elliot
Patrick Rock joins us to play live after 7:30 am, music by Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers, Abigail Lapell, David Keenan, Miranda Boutros, and for FemmeVox: Lynne Hanson, Malak and Sam Steel
Movie Mondays
8:30 AM  Movie Mondays with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Ode to the Foreign Camera
The Filibuster
9:00 AM  The Filibuster with Brendan McLoughlin, Ben James, and Jon Falcone
Our Prayer's are with the Dewar Family at the time of Paul Dewar's recent passing.
10:00 AM  Curiocity with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about local skate shop Birling, their Game Of Skate tournament and more about their connection to Ottawa's arts and culture with Aaron Cayer!
Emotional Rescue Show
Emotional Rescue Show
11:00 AM  Emotional Rescue Show with Mads and Laur
Episode two: Obsession
Two Man Advantage
12:00 PM  Two Man Advantage with Stuart Miller-Davis and Mike Gould
Playoffs! Ya we're talking about playoffs
Acoustic Frontiers
12:30 PM  Acoustic Frontiers with Ralph Hopper
Ambrose Field, Vito Palumbo, Eric Honour, Pierre Bouchard, Louis Goldford
Communautés Croisées
2:00 PM  Communautés Croisées with Patrick Auguste
La Federation des noirs canadiens !
3:00 PM  Unclassifiable with Donovan Friesen
... with PHIL!
Turn Up The Radio
4:00 PM  Turn Up The Radio with Chris Ikonomopoulos w special guest Gina Vinelli
Indie City Madness
5:00 PM  Indie City Madness with Elly Laberge and Rick Vaughan
Ep. 276: Drop and Dance with Elly and Rick
Talakayang Bayan
6:30 PM  Talakayang Bayan with Aimee Beboso and Airra Reyes
Randy Malayao /​ Philippines 'support' from the U.S. for it will assist the Philippines in its fight against terrorism /​ POEA to reduce 10 % the accreditation of foreign recruitment agencies and the number of employment contracts
7:00 PM  Namaashoum with Mehdi Fallahi
Namaashoum 909
The Wavelength
The Wavelength
9:00 PM  The Wavelength with Joe Reilly
The music of Antibalas is featured as the group will be in town this Saturday night (Feb. 16) for Come See and Hear the World. Also a lengthy interview with Martin Perna of Antibalas.
11:00 PM  Meltdown with Dimtri