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The Rites of Spring
7:00 AM  The Rites of Spring with Jason Fuerst
Honoring the great conductor, Seiji Ozawa 1935-2024
Songs For The Revolution
8:00 AM  Songs For The Revolution with Christophe Elie
My 100th Episode - My Mom and Jeff Larocque
Tuesday Special Blend
8:30 AM  Tuesday Special Blend with Dennis Sakalauskas
Big show today! Big acts in town, including Talisk from Scotland! Events and highlights of this week with Dennis Sakalauskas and the Tuesday Special Blend!
Autistics Speak
9:30 AM  Autistics Speak with Lauren
Ep. 6 Abolition W/​ Guest Ari
Mar's Local Connection
10:00 AM  Mar's Local Connection with Martha Walsh
Random music selections, some new some not: they have in common that they are all canadian
Track 12.5
12:30 PM  Track 12.5 with Duncan Spencer
Episode 43: Experimental Beats and Acoustic Melodies
1:00 PM  MDCTG with Michèle Faiola
Episode 4 - Mental Illness Has It’s Perks
Free City Radio
2:00 PM  Free City Radio with Stefan Christoff
Author Mark Bray on The Anarchist Inquisition
Minding The Brain
3:00 PM  Minding The Brain with Kim Hellemans & Jim Davies
Stranger Songs
3:30 PM  Stranger Songs with Mike Regenstreif
Songs of Chuck Berry (1926-2017)
Traffic Jammin'
5:00 PM  Traffic Jammin' with Kieran Cantwell-Bowditch
Manitoba music, metal, and more...
Aap Ki Farmaish
7:00 PM  Aap Ki Farmaish with Baljit Nagpal
Aap Ki Farmaish presents AKF's Gem's Part 1, Community & Bollywood News
Alan Surmachynski
8:30 PM  Alan Surmachynski with Alan Surmachynski
Save your fork there's pie
Bedtime Stories
10:00 PM  Bedtime Stories with Chris Lyne
Black History Month Edition - Music Recorded By 2 Renowned Poets: The late Benjamin Zephaniah and Mutabaruka
Attic Thoughts
11:00 PM  Attic Thoughts with Dick Altavista
Starting with Doug Sahm covers then onto Pop Rawk( including new GOOD2GO, Dear Vandal and Queens Park) then to roots Rawk(including new Lori Yates and Shannon McNally)