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Night Trax
2:00 AM  Night Trax with Professor Mike
Episode 259: Eat, Sleep, Play And Repeat
Monday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Monday Special Blend with Trish Bolechowsky and Joel Elliot
Interview with Don Brownrigg just after 7 am, Superette CEO Mimi Lam & General Manager Bailey Cerson join us in the studio, then after 8 am Lili Rousakkis joins us
Movie Mondays
8:30 AM  Movie Mondays with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Hone your Craft in New York... - an Interview with Tyler Ham Pong
The Filibuster
9:00 AM  The Filibuster with Brendan McLoughlin and John Falcone
Is Julien Assange a Hero of journalism? or unwitting accomplice of Russian interference?
10:00 AM  Curiocity with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about local outfit O Neptune and their latest single, "Where Did You Go?", through a chat with guitarist Josh Taylor-Brown!
New Local
11:00 AM  New Local with Erik Stolpmann
It's raining local tunes and beyond - hallelujah!
Two Man Advantage
12:00 PM  Two Man Advantage with Nick Paynter and Stuart Miller-Davis
Playoff formats? Yeah, we are talking about playoff formats!
Acoustic Frontiers
12:30 PM  Acoustic Frontiers with Ralph Hopper
Kaija Saariaho, Nathan Haering, David Evan Jones, Alain Thibault, Christos Hatzis, Alexandra Gardner
Communautés Croisées
2:00 PM  Communautés Croisées with Patrick Auguste
Political transition in Algeria !
3:00 PM  Subhan with AJ
April 15 2019: Spring is finally here!!! This episode features new music from Anderson .Paak, Soane, Kaytranada, SAFE, Emerson, Romeo Don't Die, Knwn Collective & much more !!! Follow us on social media : @subhansound Visit our website : subhansound
Turn Up The Radio
4:00 PM  Turn Up The Radio with Chris Ikonomopoulos w guest DJ KJMaxx
Music for Arcades and Pinball
Indie City Madness
5:00 PM  Indie City Madness with Rick Vaughan and Elly Laberge
Ep. 285: Chasing Spring
Monday's Encounter
6:00 PM  Monday's Encounter with Mihajlo Kos
Arsenal Festival
China Album
6:30 PM  China Album with Xuan
7:00 PM  Namaashoum with Mehdi Fallahi
Namaashoum 919
The Wavelength
9:00 PM  The Wavelength with Joe Reilly
A night of fantastic and frequently overlooked great Canadian artists
11:00 PM  Meltdown with Markus & Dimitris
Jeff Wilson guitarist from Sludgehammer joins us on the phone to talk about their new album Antechamber & their concert @ Cafe Deckuf April 20th