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Mon Dec 9 Tue Dec 10 Wed Dec 11 Thu Dec 12 Fri Dec 13 Sat Dec 14 Sun Dec 15 Mon Dec 16
Mystic & Severe
12:00 AM  Mystic & Severe with Michael O'Keefe
Love & Sacrifice - Interviews about Sex in Film as well as Love under Fascism
The Home Invasion Show
2:00 AM  The Home Invasion Show with Livin' Large
Thursday Blend Early
7:00 AM  Thursday Blend Early with Dennis Sakalauskas
Good morning!! Get your morning going with some chill and motivating BEATS! Guest interview with Biochemist and great guy Illimar Altosaar. Christmas is arriving soon! The weekend here with some Christmas cheer and chill BEATS!
Thursday Special Blend
8:00 AM  Thursday Special Blend with David Yazbeck
Whatever's Cool With Me
9:30 AM  Whatever's Cool With Me with Hockey Insider Bob MacKenzie's cousin's co-worker's neighbour's hairdresser's pool boy's Secret Santa
White Rabbit
12:00 PM  White Rabbit with Reina Cowan and Dylan Peters
I Doug That
1:00 PM  I Doug That with Doug Bird
Sean Pinchin is going to lead things off followed by Patrick Watson and then some Foal. That's as far as I got with the planning. Surprises in store I guess.
David Dalle
2:00 PM  David Dalle with David Dalle
Glorious African music that funks so hard from Burkino Faso, Ethiopia, Somalia. Ecstasy and rapture from Alexander Scriabin; Constantinople Ensemble and Savina Yannatou in concert and more.
Reckless With My Heart
Reckless With My Heart
4:00 PM  Reckless With My Heart with Steve Kirkland
Popping, bopping, hopping, then stopping
The Guest List
5:00 PM  The Guest List with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Donovan Woods, The Cardboard Crowns and the Skydiggers
Third World Players Present
6:00 PM  Third World Players Present with Lloyd Stanford
Equatoria, part 9 - rebroadcast from 2010
Bizarre Bazaar
7:00 PM  Bizarre Bazaar with Regis
You are not alone as you struggle with the holiday blues. So come and enjoy some killers jams and share your thoughts.
Infinite Ceiling
8:30 PM  Infinite Ceiling with mark
It's a Cold Moon rising in Gemini
Vanishing Point
10:00 PM  Vanishing Point with Corrie
Opposite the Sun
Track 11
11:00 PM  Track 11 with Duncan Spencer
An Assortment of Holiday Treats