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Wednesday Special Blend
7:00 AM  Wednesday Special Blend with tic
# 931. COVID # 112. Shelley Ann Morris
CKCU Literary News
9:30 AM  CKCU Literary News with Hans G. Ruprecht
South African novelist Damon GALGUT in conversation (English) with Anne-Dore Krohn at ilb 22, the INTERNATIONALES LITERATURFESTIVAL BERLIN, Sep. 2022, about his novel 'The Promise' https:/​/​​wiki/​The_Promise_(Galgut_novel)
Music For A While
10:00 AM  Music For A While with David Cavlovic
Nautical but nice
11:00 AM  Uqallagvik with Muckpaloo Ipeelie
Muckpaloo interview's Pitsiulala Lyta about urban living.
Renny's Riot
1:30 PM  Renny's Riot with Kid Caffeine
MEAN FROM CAFFEINE! Two eclectic sets of music in honour of the sacred bean. Wham! Bam! A Can Con cram. Some sizzling soul covers & handclapping jazz.
3:30 PM  COASUG with Harri
Sleep Deprivation, What Does It Cause?
4:30 PM  A.F.A.R. with Carolyn Harris
This week, the vegan radio show host Bob Linden returns to the show to discuss why veganism needs to be the moral baseline of the animal rights movement.
The Upstairs Neighbour
5:00 PM  The Upstairs Neighbour with Neal
Tossing Tunes into the Earhole
Asian Sounds
6:00 PM  Asian Sounds with Jagjeet Sharma
a flavour of new and old songs
In A Mellow Tone
9:00 PM  In A Mellow Tone with Bruce Walton
Ron Miles /​ Euro-jazz
Rabble Without A Cause
11:00 PM  Rabble Without A Cause with Bruce Walton
Elton Dean & The Wrong Object