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Wed June 13 Thu June 14 Fri June 15 Sat June 16 Sun June 17 Mon June 18 Tue June 19 Wed June 20
The Deep Blue
12:00 AM  The Deep Blue with Jon Degan & VH3
Deep Blue After Hours
2:00 AM  Deep Blue After Hours with VH3 & Jon Degan
Pystrance with Kid Eye and Morning Trance with VH3
Saturday Morning
7:00 AM  Saturday Morning with Alan Surmachynski
Canadian Spaces
10:00 AM  Canadian Spaces with Andre Gagne and Chris White
Festival previews, Gentlemen of the Woods, Fred Dellamico, The Welsh Tornado (Gareth Pearson), Brian Coté
The Back 40
12:00 PM  The Back 40 with Rural Renny
Some of the great bands from Chesterville's Art On The Waterfront Festival: Ray Harris, Slo' Tom & The Handsome Devils, Krystal Jyl & The Jacks, KJ Thomas, Caribou Stew, Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters. Then for the second half, a retro-rural romp.
The Groove
1:00 PM  The Groove with Elorious Cain
Reggae In The Fields
3:00 PM  Reggae In The Fields with Junior Smith
Interview: MAX RUB A DUB (Switzerland), Jungle George (Jamaica), Marla Brown (UK). Saturday, June 16, 2018 at, 3:00-5:30 EST on Reggae in the Fields, Canada's longest running Reggae radio show (Est. 1976).
Spirit Of Vietnam
5:30 PM  Spirit Of Vietnam with Minhtri Truong
CBC reporter Judy Trinh talks about her work with CBC and the importance of emotional intelligence.
Steve Kirkland
6:00 PM  Steve Kirkland with Steve Kirkland
uncommonly threaded, gentle or shredded
Heavy Friends
8:00 PM  Heavy Friends with Heavy Ben
Electronic Sounds From Canada Part III - The West
Vintage Love
10:00 PM  Vintage Love with Jas Nasty covering for O'Shea