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Studio  J  Jukebox
All the soon to be "popular 45s" rounded up in queue.... put a dime into it if you can!
Hosted by: DJ Jukebox
Airs: Every Friday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Coming up at 9:30 AM on June 2nd, 2023:
From the appealing to the appalling, a raucous mix to see out the week.

Studio J Jukebox

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 2, 2023 Sean Fader flailing for your Friday flight
May. 26, 2023 Imp-Yam Cataracts 🎧 Jukebox Returns! (SJJ Mach II) 📻

Various selectors battle out out the mixes to keep that  "jukebox" plugged, no slugs here folks, nothing but gold, c'mon mine with us! TIME TIME your DIME DIME


- This program is dedicated to Mary MacKinnon, Mark Valcour & Janis Lockwood -

Studio J Jukebox