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Studio  J  Jukebox
All the soon to be "popular 45s" rounded up in queue.... put a dime into it if you can!
Hosted by: DJ Jukebox
Airs: Every Friday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Coming up at 9:30 AM on May 24th, 2024:
DJ LateBloomer

Studio J Jukebox

Date Host Highlight On Demand
May. 17, 2024 Sean No good deed
May. 10, 2024 mark A Friday morning full of tunes for your dining and dancing pleasure.. ** Note ** Dancing to some of these tracks may make you very fit and agile
May. 3, 2024 Steve Kirkland May springs ephemeral
Apr. 26, 2024 Candace Roll With It
Apr. 19, 2024 mark A brief dive into some Friday morning weirdness including a few goodies acquired at the Record Show
Apr. 12, 2024 Sean multilayered temporalities

Various selectors battle out out the mixes to keep that  "jukebox" plugged, no slugs here folks, nothing but gold, c'mon mine with us! TIME TIME your DIME DIME


- This program is dedicated to Mary MacKinnon, Mark Valcour & Janis Lockwood -

Studio J Jukebox

Coming up on Studio J Jukebox
May. 31st, 2024 9:30 AM
Steve K
Jun. 7th, 2024 9:30 AM
Sean again, whaaaat??
Jun. 14th, 2024 9:30 AM