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Take directions and explore Curiocity // navigating city sights through community sounds every Monday morning
Hosted by: Erik Stolpmann
Airs: Every Monday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Discover a variety of conversations and local tunes while exploring a mix of other perspectives, places and sounds


Date Host Highlight On Demand
Sep. 20, 2021 Erik Stolpmann This week's directions /​​​​/​​​​ rendezvous with artist CHRISTINA BELL about the Hull Underground Film Festival (HUFF) /​​​​/​​​​ discover Ottawa (and Hull!) tunes /​​​​/​​​​ + much more!
Sep. 13, 2021 Erik Stolpmann This week's directions /​​​/​​​ rendezvous with comedian DYLAN PARKER /​​​/​​​ discover Ottawa tunes and intersections of popular tunes /​​​/​​​ + much more!
Sep. 6, 2021 Erik Stolpmann
Aug. 30, 2021 Erik Stolpmann This week's directions /​​/​​ rendezvous with electropop artist ISØBEL /​​/​​ discover new local tunes from Tiah Aske, MyHill + Hollow River /​​/​​ + much more!
Aug. 23, 2021 Erik Stolpmann This week's directions /​/​ discover new tunes from Paragon Cause, Teenage Fiction, wotts + Country Club Pool Boy /​/​ rendezvous with Anthony from Bar Lupulus /​/​ + much more!
Aug. 16, 2021 Erik Stolpmann This week's directions /​​​/​​​ rendezvous with House of PainT performers Exmiranda + Kimberly Sunstrum /​​/​​ discover new local tunes from summersets, ISØBEL + Paragon Cause /​​​/​​​ + much more!


Each week, we'll navigate through Curiocity with a variety of directions:

Meet a person or group from the capital and get to know them through conversation, tunes and more

Discover a mix of familiar songs made unfamiliar, from covers to demos to mashups

Shift up the trip with new directions or discoveries via someone – or something!

Join Erik as he bikes across Ottawa, discovering people, places and sounds along the way

Take directions exclusively through fresh local releases, notices about upcoming events and more



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