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Swing Is In The Air
Jazz: from swing to bop to contemporary.
Hosted by: Peter Feldman, Peter Liu, Ralph Hopper, Bill Krause, Paul Campbell and Bruce Walton
Airs: Every Sunday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

120 minutes of entertaining jazz from swing to bop to contemporary - the big names in jazz as well as the not so well known.

Swing Is In The Air

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jul. 25, 2021 Bruce Walton Two Franks - Foster & Wess
Jul. 18, 2021 Ralph Hopper A previously enjoyed program from March 15 2015: Lenny Breau/​Dave Young, Woody Herman, Murley, Bickert and Wallace
Jul. 11, 2021 Paul Campbell 25 years of George Gee recordings
Jul. 4, 2021 Bruce Walton various
Jun. 27, 2021 Ralph Hopper Brad Turner, Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges, Bob McChesney, Oliver Gannon Quartet
Jun. 20, 2021 Paul Campbell Michael Gamble, Jonathan Stout, Hal Smith and Joe Castro

Swing is in the Air, started and hosted by Jacques Emond, has been heard on the Ottawa airwaves for over 30 years.

The show began as a big band swing show and continues to feature the music of the swing era quite frequently. Since 1990, the show's format has expanded to offer the listener a wider spectrum of jazz, including traditional, blues, bop, latin as well as contemporary jazz.

Local musicians often participate in promoting concerts or talking about recent cd releases.

With Jacques Emond's passing in January 2013, the format of the show has stayed the same but we have introduced a rotation of new hosts.

They include:

Bill Krause

Peter Feldman

Peter Liu

Ralph Hopper

Paul Campbell

Bruce Walton

Each week you can tune in and listen to a different host and still get the same quality of jazz that Jacques Emond established when he first started the show.

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