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This Island Earth
Diverse, worldly, musical treats from every corner of the planet!
Hosted by: Manmohan Panesar, Neil Bakshi, Alnoor Allidina, PeterB and Rob Bitschofsky
Airs: Every Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Expect three hours of diverse, worldly, musical treats from every corner of the planet!

This Island Earth

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 12, 2022 Rob Bitschofsky One from the vaults. This is a rerun from the magical date of 02/​20/​2022.
Jun. 5, 2022 Neil Bakshi New Ghanian hip hop, a few new releases, and a listen to some rare 1960s West African high-life and Afro-calypso 45s.
May. 29, 2022 Rob Bitschofsky Mostly new releases, with a full play of the meditative new Shabaka Hutchings solo EP.
May. 22, 2022 Neil Bakshi Some new releases, a few classic Nigerian psych-funk selections, and some 70's music by Mexican-American groups.
May. 15, 2022 Rob Bitschofsky Mostly new, starring Congotronics International!



We are the THIS ISLAND EARTH Collective - Neil, Rob, Manmohan, and Peter B. Tune in Sunday afternoons as we take turns bringing you music from every corner of the planet, and beyond.

You can contact us by email at: