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A different perspective on sports in and around Ottawa.
Hosted by: Alex Liepold and Josh Millar
Airs: Every Friday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM

The Red Zone

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We here at The Red Zone, with your hosts Alex Liepold and Josh Millar, try and give a different perspective on sports in and around Ottawa and the world of sports. We tackle and discuss things not talked about on other sports radio shows in the city and try and bring our unique opinions and lively debates to the table. We also cover things that you may not otherwise hear about, from CIS to the OHL, we've got it covered every Friday morning from 6-7 am.

Like our Facebook page "CKCU's Red Zone" to get access to the podcasts past and present in case you miss the show live. Want to interact with the guys and give your two cents? Write on the Facebook page or tweet us at @Alex_Liepold or @CKCU_TheRedZone