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Roots and Rhythms
Roots & Rhythms is a roots music program that swings, jumps, or rocks.
Hosted by: Renny G and Gord Peeling
Airs: Every Sunday from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Coming up at 8:00 PM on June 26th, 2022:
Killer feature on the early part of Clarence Gatemouth Brown's career, with Renny G!

Roots and Rhythms

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 26, 2022 Ramblin' Renny on Rewind feature on Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Jun. 19, 2022 Retro Renny on the Rewind HAPPY ALL THE TIME!
Jun. 12, 2022 Rompin' Renny on Rewind These Blues Jump!
Jun. 5, 2022 Retro Renny on Rewind Ella Mae Morse & Freddie Slack
May. 29, 2022 Recovering Recovering Renny SUNDAY NIGHT TWO-STEP: Cajun Music
May. 22, 2022 RockaRenny Billy Jimmie Lee Maslon
May. 15, 2022 Retro Renny on the Rewind Boogie Woogie Ressurection w/​ Henri Herbert

Roots & Rhythms started out in 1997 as a roots music program (older blues, country, r&b and rock(abilly), with some contemporary bands thrown in as well. Most programs were devoted to a specific artist, label, city or genre. Since then, the core concept has remained the same, but has been broadened to include more mix-type programs blending eclectic choices across genre and time periods. Throughout, the emphasis has been on music that swings, jumps, or rocks.

- Graphic by the infamous illustrator and animator Ian Jeans