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Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Julie Corrigan The Language Maple Records Canadian
2 The Acorn Vieux Loup Paper Bag Records Canadian
3 Moka Only Magickal Weirdness   Canadian
4 The Reverb Syndicate Odyssey Indie/Bandcamp Canadian
5 The Bushpilots All The Little Things Indie Canadian
6 Chris Page Volume Vs. Voice Melting Plastic Canadian
7 Memetic Rideau 2 Richmond Memetic Media 2015 Canadian
8 The Bruitals Won't Let You Down Independent (2015) Canadian
9 Mimsey Demon n/a   Canadian
10 James Leclaire These Weights   Canadian
11 Memetic Rideau2Richmond MPLX (02015) Canadian
12 Patrick Watson Love Songs For Robots Secret City Records Inc. Canadian
13 Catriona Sturton Bumble Bee independent Canadian
14 Charley Moon AOE   Canadian
15 Souljazz Orchestra Resistance Strut Records (2015) Canadian
16 The Jerry Cans Aakuluk   Canadian
17 Neck Hate To Reed Uncle D Records (2015) Canadian
18 The Souljazz Orchestra Resistance Strut Records Canadian
19 The Tackies The Tackies   Canadian
20 Whitehorse Leave No Bridge Unburned Six Shooter Records Canadian
21 Archy the Cockroach Mehitabel's Lullaby Independent (2015) Canadian
22 Hey Buster I Like My Bike Independent Canadian
23 Pokey Lafarge Something In The Water Rounder Records  
24 Brock Zeman Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back MT Canadian
25 Chris MacLean Procrastinator Indie Canadian
26 Tara Holloway Little Ghosts Light Organ Records (2015) Canadian
27 Tribe Royal Samadhi   Canadian
28 Grimes Art Angels 4AD 02015 Canadian
29 Kalle Mattson Avalanche Home Music Company Canadian
30 Kay Flow Future Nostalgia   Canadian
31 Purity Ring Another Eternity   Canadian
32 DJ SSP n/a   Canadian
33 Lindi Ortega Faded Gloryville Last Gang Records Canadian
34 Nx (Nation Unknown) Blu Magic    
35 Esmerine Lost Voices Constellation Records (2015) Canadian
36 Evening Hymns Quiet Energies Outside Music Canadian
37 Fuck The Facts Desire Will Rot Noise Salvation Canadian
38 Jack Pine Lone Wolf   Canadian
40 Neck Hate To Read Uncle D (2015) Canadian
41 St. Stephen's All We Are Self-Released Canadian
42 Folly and the Hunter Awake Outside Music Canadian
43 Lindsay Ferguson Chameleon Busted Flat Canadian
44 Pony Girl Foreign Life Indie/Bandcamp Canadian
45 The Jerry Gross organization Just Pull it down Guerrero records Canadian
46 Jully Black Fever (Single)   Canadian
47 Kovacs Shades Of Black    
48 Old Man Luedecke Domestic Eccentric True North Records Canadian
49 RED of Beauty and Rage    
50 Apocalyptica Shadowmaker    
Canadian = Canadian content

Top 25 programs heard on-demand

Position  Show 
1 Friday Morning Cartunes
2 Cool Cuts
3 Canadian Spaces
4 The Groove
5 Thursday Early Blend
6 The Switchup
7 The Deep Blue
8 Ottawa Live Music
9 This Island Earth
10 Drunken Master Review
11 Vintage Love
12 Reggae In The Fields
13 National Hum
14 An Indian Morning
15 Whatever's Cool With Me
16 Both Kinds Of Music
17 Saturday Morning
18 The Dylan Hunter Show
19 Carleton Music Showcase
20 Monday Special Blend
21 David Dalle
22 Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
23 Friday Nite Truck Stop
24 Heavy Friends
25 Deep Blue After Hours