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Thursday November 5th, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
Loving your body beyond it's limitations

LOVING YOUR BODY BEYOND ITS LIMITATIONS As we grow older and become aware of those around us and their beliefs of what we can and cannot do, we start to worry about failure. Many times people give up on the enjoyment of moving their bodies and exploring beyond their perceived limitations, simply because what they believe others think about them has taken power over what is real. What is real? you have a magnificent body that was made to move and explore, and reach new horizons. No one knows this better than Shelley Ann Morris a blind triathlon athlete who will be unveiling her life story and secrets on how she moves beyond physical limitations to nurture her body and keep fit.
audiomachine - Chronicles
Circle of the Sun
Serena Ryder - Harmony [Limited Edition] Canadian
Suite Chinoise (Nouvelle Expérience)
Cirque Du Soleil Composer René Dupéré - Cirque du Soleil Collection Canadian
No I in TEAM
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Rule the World
Walk Off the Earth - Rule the World - Single Canadian
Special Guest:
Shelley Ann Morris
Legally Blind Triathlete and Achilles Ottawa (Blind Running Club), Ottawa Triathlon Club, Somersault Events

Books She Recommends by Dr. Terry Orlick.:

Psyching for Sport (1986)
Embracing Your Potential: Steps to Self-Discovery, Balance, and success in Sports, Work and Life (1998)
In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sport and Life through Mental Training (2000)
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shelley Ann Morris
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7:15 AM, November 5th, 2015
Shelley Ann Morris
The books listed here are authored by Dr. Terry Orlick.

7:43 AM, November 5th, 2015
Tony Copple
This is amazing - two of my favourite people in a fascinating discussion!

7:46 AM, November 5th, 2015
Hi Tony, Thanks so much!! You are one of the people who gave me my start on CKCU--I am grateful

7:50 AM, November 5th, 2015
So proud of my "sasster" Shelley! She's always accepting my sisterly dares! Great show Suzette

7:56 AM, November 5th, 2015
Thank you Colleen--you are one of the reasons that I am the athlete I am today--thanks for the sisterly dare.

7:59 AM, November 5th, 2015