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Monday Special Blend
Monday October 12th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
New Music Galore, Cranium Fest, and Artistic Nether Regions on The Monday Special Blend!

First a convo with my Best Radio Friend Forever, Trish Bolechowsky! We talked good times on the radio, creation in isolation, and the upcoming CKCU funding drive! Then, I talk withlocal musician Gregory Naufal! He released some new tunes last month, and we yik yakked all about them! Then, a yik-yak with local artist Kim Valentine! She’s taking #inktober in a fun direction… by turning unsolicited nether-regions pics into beautiful art! We talked all about #bonertober, and her town, Bonerburg! Also played a bunch of stuff from artists playing at this week’s Cranium Festival! In addition to promoting Local artists, they’re also pumping up local artists and local spaces! Music from The Dustbowl Daddies, Emm Gryner, Gowan, Lady Charles, Moun Fou, HalfSizeGiants, Moiisha Tyzaan, Tika, Yung Heat, Christope Elie, DJ Prosper, and Max Webster!
Look Out
Max Webster - A Million Vacations Canadian
O Little Fire, O Little Light of Wisdom
The Dustbowl Daddies - s/t Canadian New

For The Dustbowl Daddies, music is about bringing people together. Combining four-voice harmony with an acoustic/electric folk feel, backed up with old-time banjo, mandolin, Telecaster twang and swinging trumpet, we write high energy, upbeat tunes that get people moving.

More Dustbowl Daddies here:
A chat with my Best Radio Friend Forever, Trish Bolechowsky! We talked good times on the radio, creation in isolation, and the upcoming CKCU funding drive!

More Trish here:
Watch CKCU's front page for Funding drive updates! -
Emm Gryner - Just For You Canadian New

Emm Gryner is a singer, author, coach and a 3-time Juno Award nominee, twice for Pop Album of The Year.

She toured the world singing with David Bowie (1999-2000) and appears as a vocalist and keyboardist on the albums, “Bowie at The Beeb” and “Glastonbury 2000”.

In 2013, Emm helped make history by collaborating with former astronaut Chris Hadfield on his famous version of “Space Oddity”, recorded partially aboard the International Space Station. The song’s video became the first music video filmed in outer space.

Emm holds a diploma in Music Industry Arts.

More Emma here:
The Cranium Festival is going on from October 14-17 in Ottawa!
The event is planned to go ahead in a different capacity due to the current lockdowns! keep watch to their links for the latest info!

Official Artist Lineup:
October 14 (Hosted By YaFavouriteLightskin)
Patrik, Zoo Legacy, DJ Kidd Koncussion

October 15 (Host TBD)
Bobby Brugal, Moun Fou, HalfSizeGiants, DJ Circa Beatz

October 16 (Host TBD)
Moiisha Tyzaan, Cody Coyote, TheSoulfulPoet, Tika, DJ Prosper

October 17 (Hosted By KB The Boss)
Mélissa Vales, Yung Heat, Babe Ruth, Asuquomo, ShaqISDope, OTR

No Dayz Off
Moun Fou - s/t Canadian New

Born in Montreal, Moun Fou Started writing music at a young age in three languages (French, English and Creole). Over the past 3 years of participation, he has proven himself to be one of the most consistent performers in the capital. Influenced by Reggae, Soul and Hip-Hop he is driven to be the next big Canadian rapper. You don’t want to miss out!

More Moun Fou here:
Mélissa Vales - s/t Canadian New

Canadian Urban-Pop singer, songwriter and dancer Mélissa Vales is a triple threat who have been writing music since she was 17. Inspired by pop queens, rap icons and film scoring, she made the worlds collide and created a unique sound. To date, she has released her first EP: The Things I Should've Said To You in 2018, and has already been interviewed by FACES Magazine, performed live on Rogers TV and Radio-Canada and has been featured on many Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and New Music Friday Canada. She also had the honor of graduating from Berklee College of Music alongside honorary graduates Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake. Her Music Business degree is helping her manage her own career and remain an independent artist. Mélissa Vales' objective is to create a new musical and live experience using modern technology and awakening all five senses.

More Mélissa here:
Manic Pixie Dream Boy
Lady Charles - s/t Canadian New

"Lady Charles is a shapeshifting pop artist hailing from Canada. Their self-titled debut EP was released in February of 2020, right before the pandemic. This forced a change of focus away from live performances and towards creating music and visuals. They soon released their follow up single, Manic Pixie Dream Boy, along with a colourful music video that has racked up thousands of views. Blending visual elements of theatre, fashion, drag, camp, and musical elements of glam rock, indie rock, prog rock, hip hop, and electronica, Lady Charles' art is an eclectic blend of past and present."

More Lady Charles here:
Trump's Tweets
Christophe Elie - s/t Canadian New

Growing up Elie’s early influences came from his Haitian-born father, who shared an awareness of the poverty, lack of opportunity and educational challenges in his homeland. That awareness soon found its voice when Elie’s mother, bought him his first guitar.

As a roadie for a local band, a new world opened up and Elie’s talent landed him a berth with a touring band The Source, a ‘British Invasion’ cover band. Rendered from the same emotional intensity and landscape as Jimi Hendrix, Roger Waters, Neil Young and Steve Earle, Elie’s albums, Deepest Shade of Blue (2008) and his new album Bridging Borders (2016) explore those issues closest to his heart: poverty, economic disparities, war, peace and homelessness.

More Christophe here:
Don't Be Afraid ft. HMLT
Tika - s/t Canadian


TiKA’s motivation is to communicate with our universal language - music. She draws from the legacy of Black Queer women of the 1990’s: Meshell Ndegeocello, Tracy Chapman, Dionne Farris and Diana King, artists who she observed to have “rawness, eloquence, timelessness and grace in what they were emoting through music”.

Embracing the genre rightfully coined as “futuristic nostalgia,” TiKA’s compositions offer “ethereal sounds that wrap around you, reminding you of other memories”. The vibe remains current, and like the artist herself, evolving. With production work from friend and fellow artist, Casey MQ, a duet with R&B artist Desiire, the album’s themes address deeply personal relationships to ones inspired by TiKA’s Jamaican roots to others that are sonic representations of conversations with the self.

More Tika here:
Madness in the Spring
Gregory Naufal - The 20/20 Vision Canadian New
God's Work
Gregory Naufal - The 20/20 Vision Canadian New

Raised on the Bruce Springsteen catalogue and countless Pearl Jam bootleg concerts, I (Gregory Naufal) started to take the guitar and music seriously in my last year high school. After discovering all things John Mayer in university, I enrolled in formal guitar lessons at the age of 22 and voice lessons/coaching at 23 (my grades were not great, but I was able to obtain an accounting degree). After years of formal training, learning covers and performing at numerous open mic’s in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I wrote my first song in 2017 and released my debut EP Stand Tall in April 2020 and Different Kind of New (Single) in June 2020. On September 11, 2020, I will be releasing my full length debut album! Consisting of 9 songs I wrote between 2019 and 2020, it is 35 minutes of reflective, raw and emotional material compared to my two previous releases. I was inspired by my songwriting hero Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit's Reunions and Dan Mangan's NAC Orchestra concert I saw in November 2019. I am excited to share my release with the world and even more excited to perform all the songs live. The past 4 years have flown by as I went from having no singing lessons/skills and minimal guitar playing experience to having original music on Spotify! It's the hard work and encouragement from friends and family that have got me to this point. I am motivated and excited to release my music for the world to listen to!

More Gregory here:
One Man Down
Moiisha Tyzaan - s/t Canadian New

Moiisha Tyzaan Is A Canadian Songwriter-Vocalist In The Province Of Ontario, In The Style Of Funk, Jazz And Soul. She Was Inspired By Soul Music, Mostly Jazz, R&B, Soul Blues Music Like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Macy Grace, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye And Many More.

In School, Moiisha Participated In Every Musical Courses From Rock Rands To Choirs, Musicals, Vocal Jazz, Solo Performances As Well As Dancing At Events. However, Her Focus Remained On Singing.

Moiisha Tyzaan States, "Today, I’ve Become My Own Rock And To Be More Exact An Independent Artist.

Moiisha Tyzaan Not Only Has Amazing Vocal Abilities, She Is A Songwriter And She Writes Her Own Music. Her Motivation Is Not Only For The Love Of Her Music But Also For Self-Expression. Moiisha Enjoys Sharing Her Experiences Relatable To Others With Intent To Uplift And Inspire Her Audience.

More Moiisha here:
Life Moves Fast
HalfSizeGiants - s/t Canadian

More HalfSizeGiants here:
Strange Animal
Gowan - Strange Animal Canadian

More Gowan here:


An Interview with Kim Valentine! She's got a new art project called Bonertober... and it's about exactly what you think it is! We discuss turning unwanted below-the-belt photos into colourful masterpieces, as well as online streaming and more!

More Kim here:
U&I feat. eros north
Yung Heat - s/t Canadian

Yung Heat is a Jamaican-Canadian music artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. With his 10-year knowledge in music production he has managed to garner over 9M streams over various streaming platforms. His genre is a mesh of Electronic and Hip-Hop, though he also delves into RnB, Future Bass and House. His remix of ODESZA’s “Across The Room” garnered over 7M streams on Spotify, and was deemed by Billboard Dance as “a perfect fit for your next date night”.

More Yung Heat here:
DJ PROSPER - s/t Canadian

DJ Prosper is an Ottawa-based and Montreal-raised hip-hop artist and rapper turned DJ with over 20 years experience rocking crowds. From working as hype man to R&B legend Ashanti and co-founding the hip-hop group GPM with his wife Melissa over 10 years ago, to now becoming the new in-arena DJ for the NHL's Ottawa Senators, DJ Prosper is a proven crowd motivator who can bring any crowd to its feet!

More DJ Prosper here:
Interactive CKCU
great to hear Trish B / Flash chemistry again! As a companion there's none better than The Mighty! ($$$ in da bag - cimin by Pony Express;-)

7:47 AM, October 12th, 2020
Joel Elliott (host)
:) :) :)

10:44 AM, October 19th, 2020