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Monday Special Blend
Monday October 5th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
Brand new singles, photoshoots, and Twitch streams on The Monday Special Blend!

First, a convo with Mikayla Menzies! She’s got a BRAND NEW REMIX of one of her songs, and more music coming! We talked all about it! Then, a talk with Danielle Allard about looping on stream and making the front page of Twitch! Then a chat with photographers David D. Pistol and Victoria Salter! They’ve got a new portrait project that focuses on Ottawa BIPOC! We yik-yakked art in isolation, and how they hope these portraits will uplift the community! And THEN a new single from Jessica Pearson & The East Wind! I got on the zoom with Jessica and Maddy O’Regan for some socially-distant smiles and music yaks! In between, I played tracks from Shitbats, Myself, Nambi/Rita Carter, T-Rex Marathon, and Max Webster!
Beyond the Moon
Max Webster - Mutiny Up my Sleeve Canadian
Mikayla Menzies - s/t Canadian
Wildfire (Johnny Chay Remix)
Mikayla Menzies - s/t Canadian New

From her bio:
In the depths of grief, after losing my mom at a young age, I found refuge in songwriting and painted visions through music of all of my heartache. I’m a directionless dreamer who has been through my share of mental health struggles, which has given me a deeper understanding of myself and others.

After many years of being active on YouTube and Instagram - sharing Pop/Alternative covers and original songs, performing in open mic nights in Ottawa and ameliorating my craft during my internship at Hummingbird Music Limited; I started working with Willow Sound Records and released my first studio recorded single, “Wildfire” in November 2018.

In April 2019, I went on to work with award winning songwriters, composers and producers Jay Lazaroff and Gerald O’Brien in Los Angeles, California, which was an exceptional learning experience for me as an artist.

I continue to write and speak on things that are relevant to mental health, grief and the wonderful perks of being a misfit. With glitter on my cheeks, I write for the wallflowers, the free spirits and those who feel they haven’t quite found their place yet. I hope to inspire others to see that amongst all the chaos, you can still see in colour.

More Mikayla here:
Danielle Allard - Passing Notes Canadian
Danielle Allard - Passing Notes Canadian

Danielle Allard made it to the FRONT PAGE OF TWITCH! We yik yakked all about it!

From her Bio:
Singer-Songwriter. Chameleon. Her tender voice and her combination of jazz, folk, pop, and blues will leave you pleasantly astounded. Danielle Allard has been performing publicly for over 15 years and graced stages across Canada and Europe. This Ottawa native has toured Germany, Portugal, and much of Canada.

Her festival appearances include features at RBC Bluesfest, Marvest, Jazz Fest, Mountain Man Music Festival, and a main stage feature at Ottawa' CityFolk Festival. She has also been featured in showcases at Megaphono and Folk Music Ontario.

Her highly-anticipated third album, Passing Notes, was released in May 2018. She is known for her charity work in the nation’s capital, donating over 30 performances to various charities each year. Apart from her music, she is a community builder, teaching public relations and marketing at Algonquin College and working with local emerging artists and entrepreneurs in social media marketing and business strategy. She runs a regular art and music therapy series which features dozens of Ottawa's best singer-songwriters.

More Danielle here:
Danielle on Twitch:
I Miss 90s Hash
Jumpin' Joel Flash - s/t Canadian
Sometimes songs just speak to you. That's what happened last week when I heard this AMAZING track by B.A. Johnston. Really ticked all my nostalgia buttons.

See/hear my version here:
More B.A. Johnston here:
Rita Carter - All of Me Canadian

From her bio:
I make conscience music. What is the point of art if you are not reflecting the times. Spread love, knowledge and truth.

More Nambi here:
Facebook here:


This fall, members of Ottawa's BIPOC Community are invited to participate in a BIPOC Portrait Project with Ottawa photographers David D Pistol and Victoria Salter. Contributors to the project will be photographed and asked to share their experiences as people of colour living in Ottawa, Canada.

Their written words will be displayed alongside their portraits in an upcoming exhibition aimed to acknowledge systemic racism in Canadian society and amplify Ottawa's BIPOC voices and personal experiences with racism.

Those who would like to participate in the project can email for more info.

David D. Pistol - Photographer
Facebook -
Insta -

Victoria Salter - Photographer
Facebook -
Insta -
Ego Amigo
Shitbats - Guano Canadian New
Let Me Go
Shitbats - Guano Canadian New

From their Bio:
Forged in the seventh hell, also known as London, Ontario, these heroes are commonly known as Cat "Shit Commander" Clyde, Mitch "Fair Squire" Decaire, Strummer "Troll Smasher" Jasson, and Dan "Cyclops Tamer" Serre.

In hidden ancient Sumerian scrolls it was written that a tric kster God would one day be foiled on his name day 10,000 years henceforth by a group of reluctant heroes. These four ordinary minstrels would band together to do battle and name d themselves Shitbats. Much like the prophesy foretold, these minstrels are less than pure in heart but deadly nonetheless. Armed with guitars, drums and throats, these bats of shit were bestowed with the ability to crush any foe that may gander.

Blending the abilities of each member created a rip in the fabric of space time that echoed through infinity. With their knowledge of past and future genres, like punk and future punk, rock and future rock, these batty shits strike a balance the likes of which has never been experienced by mere mortals.

More Shitbats here:
Banks of Newfoundland
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - The Maiden Sessions Canadian New
Ready my Heart
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - s/t Canadian New

From their bio:
Jessica Pearson is a Canadian born storyteller with a voice like melting honey on a summers eve. Accompanied by Maddy O’Regan on the fiddle, they bring to life tales of the past and express the beauty and heartbreak of the world today. In 2017 they released their debut EP ‘Grave and Garden Songs’ to a sold out crowd at LIVE! On Elgin. Playing over 80 shows a year in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom, they have been writing songs and collecting stories from all over the world.

Jessica Pearson and the East Wind have recently signed to Willow Sound Records and Syndicut Music Publishing with Jessica’s first cut on Joe Diffie’s single ‘As Long As There’s A Bar’. They are currently working on their first full length album to be released in 2020.

Their music blends folk, roots and East Coast bluegrass to create a unique sound of their own. From a cappella tunes sung in the middle of the audience to recollections of growing up in Canada, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind will take you on a journey with their dynamic live shows and entertaining story telling.

More Jessica here:
T-Rex Marathon - Days Without Incident Canadian New
A Prison Just For Us
T-Rex Marathon - Days Without Incident Canadian New

From their bio:
What happens when three high school dorks who kinda like the same music get together? They start a band.
T-Rex Marathon was born circa 2012 in and around Brockville, Ontario. A quirky bunch, Alex, Jeremy, and Darien got together to play some covers of post-hardcore, metlacore, emo, and other good stuff. They even wrote their own songs. The band’s first ever gig was their high school graduation where they managed to get through three out of ten songs before getting more or less booed off the stage.

It was a great time.

more T-Rex Marathon here:
Interactive CKCU
hb glenn
another great shew! merci Mr. Flash (London, ont not bad!;)

8:37 AM, October 5th, 2020
Joel Elliott (host)
Glad you enjoyed it Glenn! Thanks for listening in!

3:20 PM, October 5th, 2020