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Monday Special Blend
Monday September 28th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
New EP's, A Cranium Festival, and Mega Man 2!

First, an interview with Musician Dan Kelly! he’s got a DEBUT EP coming out October 1st, and we yik-yakked all about it! Then, a convo with Dynamic all about the upcoming CRANIUM festival! We yik yakked the local community, and what folks can expect October 14-17! In between, I played tracks from Jabbour, B.A. Johnston, Season II, Gee Wunder, F8-Bit, Wayne Rostad, and Max Webster!
A Million Vacations
Max Webster - A Million Vacations Canadian
La belle d'un autre
Jabbour - ‘Round the Clock Canadian
He Doesn't Need You
Jabbour - ‘Round the Clock Canadian

From their Bio:
A love of musical collaboration, Cajun music and travel brought them together. These talented high-energy musicians bridge gaps and draw parallels between the musical genres that inspire their own songwriting. From Guillaume Jabbour’s roots in chansonniers music from Québéc and France, to Bill Collier’s work as a musician collaborating with many of the east coast’s finest singers and songwriters, to Bill Gossage’s musical culture that draws upon deep roots in the Irish fiddle vernacular, and finally to Carl Rufh's bass work with some of Canada's well known blues acts, Jabbour is a contemporary roots band. Having played in various musical projects (Grouyan Gombo, Les Flâneurs, Dave Gossage, La montagne secrète, The Durham County Poets), they combined their creative abilities forming a project focused on original works. Since the launch of Saint Bernard, their latest album, Jabbour has played concerts throughout Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and their songs have been on rotation on Radio Canada, CBC, Sirius XM and on many Quebec radio stations.

Playing Friday!
Jabbour @ Manotick United Church
Friday, October 2, 2020 at 7:30 PM

More Jabbour here:
Street Light Constellations (A Song For Joey)
Dan Kelly - Carry on Through Canadian New
Carry on Through
Dan Kelly - Carry on Through Canadian New

From his bio:
Dan Kelly is a singer-songwriter and guitarist based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Upon graduating from Algonquin College’s Music Industry Arts program, Dan began to focus heavily on writing music and playing shows in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Shortly after, Dan began traveling Canada, playing shows in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Dan is known for his use of traditional fingerpicking style with an ambient twist. Dan is constantly striving to create new sounds that best convey the intention behind his lyrics, all while creating a sensory experience that transports his listeners into the musical mood he creates. With a his brand new EP 'Carry on Through EP' to be released on October 1st 2020, Dan is continuously working on his musicianship and looking forward to gaining experiences throughout his life and musical journey.

More Dan here:
Franz Joseph Haydn « Quatuor à cordes en Ré majeur, Op. 20 No. 4 » - I. Allegro di molto
Quatuor Despax - s/t Canadian

From their Bio:
Formé en 2003 à Gatineau par quatre frères et sœurs, le QUATUOR DESPAX donne régulièrement des concerts dans la capitale nationale du Canada, en Outaouais ainsi qu’à Montréal.

Il se produit dans différents festivals ou séries de concerts en Ontario comme au Québec tels que : le Festival de Westben (près de Toronto), The Abbey for the Arts (Alexandria), la série des Mardis Classiques de Gatineau, la Montée des Arts du Mont-St-Hilaire, le Festival Classique de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Val d’Or), les Concerts Ponticello de Gatineau, Music and Beyond (Ottawa), Chamberfest City Series (Ottawa), Luminato Festival (Toronto), le Festival L’Art de la Musique (Gatineau), SweetWater Music Festival (Owen Sound) ou encore Festival of the Sound (Parry Sound).

Il se produit également outre-mer soit en France (dans le sud-ouest, à Paris, en Normandie); ainsi qu’en Italie lors de festivals ou séries de concerts : Polincontri Classica (Torino), Rivolimusica (Rivoli), Festival Echos (Alessandria) ou encore à Osimo.

L’hiver 2019, il donne des concerts en Colombie (Cartagena) et travail avec ConCuerda ainsi que Fundación Musica por Colombia.

Playing Saturday Afternoon!
Saturday, October 3, 2020 - 2:00pm

More Quatuor Despax here:
Donair Sauce
B.A. Johnston - Grmlnz, Vol. 3: Donairs After Midnight Canadian
I Don't Want to Go to the No Frills
B.A. Johnston - Shit Sucks Canadian
I Miss 90s Hash
B.A. Johnston - The Skid is HOT Tonight Canadian

From his bio:
BA is a failed showman, who drives around Canada in his mothers beloved Toyota Previa, trying his best and usually falling a bit short.

Playing Saturday!
B.A. Johnston @ Irene’s Pub!
Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 10 PM
Irene’s Pub - 885 Bank St.

More BA Johnston here:
Season II - Season II Ep.1 Canadian New
I Knew Better
Season II - Season II Ep.1 Canadian New

From their Apt613 writeup:
Fresh off the success of their single “Gravity” (which featured in #ottmusic weekly this year), the electro r&b record is a collaboration between Ottawa’s DJ ILLO and vocalist Whitney Delion. Written during the darkest hours of a breakup, a tone of heartbreak is evident in Whitney’s soulful voice and honest writing. But, the breeziness of ILLO’s music offers a safe place to talk about the dark stuff.

More Season II here:
Apt 613 #ottmusic playlist:
Moonlit Motel
Krista Hartman - Transcend Canadian New

From her bio:
With the restless soul of a storytelling traveller, as soon as she graduated high school, Krista Hartman left her town of Peace River, Alberta, and spent the first few years of her music career busking on the streets of Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. After teaching English in South Korea, she returned to Alberta, Canada, for University, where she further developed her gifts, studying English and Theatre by day, recording and performing songs she wrote by night, making friends and building a loyal following.

The inspiration collected from her travels led to her first rustic self-produced Canadiana record, Passport which was recognized in Edmonton’s Vue Weekly Magazine as one of the top ten records of the year. When it was time to tour, she moved to New York, started bartending and toured across several American states.

By 2008, Krista relocated to Toronto and began recording her second record, Nostalgia (a record that chronicled the characters she met while touring through the US). She was joined on the first single, “Broken in Two” by Juno Award winning songwriter, Ron Sexsmith. The highlight of her year was performing a bilingual version of The Canadian National Anthem Canada’s Prime Minister at a Gala hosted by The Canada India Foundation. By 2015, she had lived in St. Lucia and Chicago with her young family and ventured to Toronto to record her third record, Constellations- a catalogue of songs devoted to the power of optimism.

Since Constellations, Hartman has been busy uncovering the gems that make her craft truly meaningful and aligned. The songs she has written on this record were created shortly after a songwriters retreat on Bowen Island, British Columbia. “Having a balanced mind, body and spirit is the key to a fulfilling creative path” she is convinced.

More Krista here:
Dynamic AKA Ya Favourite Lightskin - s/t Canadian New
Dynamic AKA Ya Favourite Lightskin - A Collection of Thoughts Canadian

From his bio:
Born & raised in Ottawa Dynamic has enough energy to power a fleet of hybrid cars, enough. soul to raise a church roof & enough music in his blood to contaminate the average man.

Dynamic: Host of Bringyaehgame - Fridays 10PM - 12AM on CHUO 89.1FM
More Dynamic here:
Bring ya eh Game on CHUO:
Keep Dat Same Energy
Gee Wunder - Impact Canadian New
Manz Say
Gee Wunder - Impact Canadian New

From his bio:
Gee Wunder is a music industry veteran and a motivational hip hop artist from Toronto. Gee grew up in an urban environment on Jane St. in the west end, which sparked his interest in hip-hop music. Gee’s first in-roads into the music industry, as an artist, was through local community radio. Since debuting on commercial radio, in Toronto, in 2005 on Flow 93.5 and releasing his first full-length LP Street Knowledge in 2008 via URBNET Records, Gee has released an astounding TWENTY-FOUR full length projects, in total, and has gone on to found his own independent label Motive Music Canada. Over the years Gee has toured across Canada doing live shows in many provinces as well as shows in Europe and America. Gee has received financial support for his career via MuchFACT, Factor and SOCAN Foundation. Gee has also had an exemplary career in Music Television working with Bell Media for over twenty years. Today Gee runs his Motive Music Canada label with a roster of 10 artists and a catalogue of over 30 full-length, quality hip-hop releases.

more Gee Wunder here:

CRANIUM in collaboration with Motive Music Canada proudly presents Gee Wunder’s Music #IndustryTIPS Seminar.
Music #IndustryTIPS Seminar with Gee Wunder
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 6:45 PM
Online with Facebook Live

Gee’s experience both in front of and behind the scenes is impressive, ending a 20 year tenure with Bell Media’s MuchMusic in 2017 as well as running his own independent Motive label since 2011. His Music #IndustryTIPS booklets have been very successful since their releases with lots of great feedback from Artists and Music Industry players. Volume 1 of the booklet was sponsored by SOCAN Foundation in 2018 for it’s second physical print run.

October 14 to 17, 2020

About the Festival
(Capital Region Association for Nurturing the Industry of Urban Music) CRANIUM supports the development of Ottawa and Canada’s Urban Music community via performance opportunities, professional development activities, networking and by connecting Ottawa based professionals to others around the world.

CRANIUM is a new collective. CRANIUM founding steering committee members each have decades of experience in Ottawa and Canada’s Urban Music Industry, the collective itself was initiated in 2018 with the first official committee meeting taking place on January 3, 2019. The first CRANIUM Festival was held in November, from the 14th to 16th of 2019. The festival was successful in the first year filing venues, delivering top notch entertainment and professional development programming.
Lily was Here
Stéphane, Hendrick, & Synthesaurus Rex - s/t Canadian New

Local guitarist Hendrick posted this vid to the "Ottawa Music Community" facebook group. Now, it's on the radio!

About the Track:
Yay, finally! Thanks @Stéphan for finishing the video! A while ago, I played the backing track of Lily Was Here for sax & guitar, and Stéphan & Hendrick from Canada played their instruments to it! It was great fun! Btw. you don't see me playing my keyboard, because I don't want to pretend I was nearly as good a musician than Stéphan & Hendrick. Because I'm not. I'm just good at programming stuff. For more synths, music & fun please visit

Video here:
Mega Man 2 - Wily's Castle
F8-BIT - s/t Canadian

from their bio:
F8-BIT are a cover band dedicated to classic console game themes. The quartet consists of some of Ottawa’s highest-scoring jazz players, who owe their quick fingers and epic grip strength to blistering rounds of Super Mario Kart as much as they do to music school. Expect to hear modern takes on the themes from Punchout, Super Mario World, Excite Bike, Mega Man, the Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more of your favourite classic console games. The 8 Bit-ches deliver a total K.O every time!

More F8-BIT here:
Rideau Street Queen
Wayne Rostad - Writer Of Songs Canadian

From his bio:
Wayne is, without a doubt, one of the most commanding and compelling performers anywhere. He takes to the stage with his guitar in hand, a powerful one-man show that keeps audiences spellbound with his songs, stories, humour and passion. He has that very rare and special ability to make everyone feel that he is singing for them and them alone. His television show travels have given Wayne a unique understanding and perspective of Canada and its people, making him exceptional among Canadian entertainers.

On stage, Wayne has shared billings and rubbed shoulders with many of the best entertainers in the business – Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, the Bellamy Brothers, and Emmylou Harris – just to name a few; and opened for such greats as Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison.

Wayne not only loves people, he loves humanity. He is a strong community activist, who has helped raise millions of dollars for The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Heart Institute. He has also served as Honourary Chair of the Christmas Exchange. His work has garnered him many awards and honours. He has been inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame; he is a Paul Harris Fellow; and a Judge Brian Stevenson Award recipient. He also serves as a Board member at several charitable foundations.

Wayne is a member of the Order of Canada. He received this distinction for his strong commitment to the people in his own backyard and in communities across the country.

More Wayne here:
Interactive CKCU
hillbilly g
Real time! Old micro radio...$15, Value Village . You da best, Jumpin'! Thanks for "Covid Relief" ¶;-)

7:10 AM, September 28th, 2020