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Monday Special Blend
Monday September 21st, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
Music Videos, Loop-Pedal Violas, Country Tunes & Parking Lot Theatre!

NON STOP INTERVIEWS! First, I talked with Dan Petti about his new single and how he went from punk to metal to jazz to country! What a ride! Then, a convo with Lesley Marshall! We talked about MAVN, creation in isolation, and well as what’s up with Ginny & Bonnie Doon! Then, I talked with Kathryn Patricia! We discussed her new EP, composed entirely of Viola and Loop Pedal! THEN i spoke with Nicholas Leno of A Company of Fools Theatre! Their new show, “Love From Afar” will be presented outside of Long-term care homes via FM transmitter! PLUS they’ve got an amazing collaboration with the Ottawa Public Library, bringing theatre to even more potential fans! Holy wow! SOMEHOW I also found time to play tracks from The Hornettes, Bahska feat. Amutha, Slack Bridges, and Max Webster!
In the World of Giants
Max Webster - Universal Juveniles Canadian
My Kind of Road
Dan Petti - s/t Canadian New
NEW LOCAL MUSIC and a great convo with Dan Petti!

From his bio:
Singer-Songwriter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Dan has been playing and writing music his whole life. He excelled at piano and guitar in high school, and played in a metal band until 2014. He took a few years off of music while dedicating himself to teaching Music at Notre Dame High School. He rediscovered his love for songwriting in 2016/17, started elevating his writing, and began playing live shows again. His passion for songwriting reached new heights after 3 successful music trips to Nashville, Tennessee, where he got to meet with many diverse songwriters, artists, and publishers.

He currently writes mainly Country, Folk, and Pop music with many songwriters and artists all over North America. He is proud of the network of writers, musicians, and friends he has become a part of, and he has built up a respectable catalogue of songs over the years. He is currently recording his first album that he cannot wait to complete. His first single, "My Kind of Road" is releasing to all platforms this September.

More Dan here:
Bahska feat. Amutha - s/t Canadian New

From Bahska:
It's kinda like Neo-souly electronic pop, its called Dyvin! Made by Bahska and featuring Amutha on vocals.

More Bahska here:
Choose the Wrong Man
Ginny - Ginny EP Canadian
Ghost Story
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner Canadian
I spoke with Lesley Marshall about creativity in isolation, missing the stage, as well as her music from Ginny and Bonnie Doon!

About MAVN
MAVN (Marshall Audio-Visual Network, pronounced “maven”) is a business that provides project-based creative, technical, and media distribution support for small businesses, start-ups, not-for-profit organizations and independent artists and production houses. With specialized training in video production, marketing and music management, combined with knowledge of independent public and private markets, MAVN helps sole owners and small organizations achieve the look and feel of their project or brand in order to drive it out to domestic markets and beyond. Whether it’s marketing channel/materials creation, new album radio tracking, or promotional, documentary or music videos, MAVN can support new media projects from inception through market disseminate.

Smaller businesses that need promotional materials, artists who need media support and market documentation, galleries that need technical installation and event support; all can benefit from MAVN’s eclectic no-era visual expertise. MAVN’s breadth of experience over several media platforms provides smaller organizations with media and event problem solving, strategic planning and production design on a project based price range. MAVN is a network of creative people.

MAVN is directed by Lesley Marshall, an intermedia artist currently working as a producer and consultant for independent audio visual projects and promotional media through her company MAVNetwork in Ottawa. An award-winning filmmaker, music videos made by Lesley have been featured on Vice, Exclaim!, Brooklyn Vegan, Aux, Rookie Mag etc. Currently in production: DRAB, the Circus!, Time Twins, and Dollar Bin DJ.

GINNY is an alt-country project by Lesley Demon, Kristy Nease and Catriona Sturton.
More Ginny here:

BONNIE DOON is an Ottawa-based post-punk quintet.
More Bonnie Doon here:
Next in Line
Slack Bridges - Lindenlea to Ledbury Canadian New
Thru the Fire
Slack Bridges - Lindenlea to Ledbury Canadian New

From their Bio:
An album takes a while to put together - this one was about 15 months in the making. Thanks to Dean Watson for seeing us through the majority of that. A true model of patience, relaxation while dealing with many cooks in the kitchen. Thanks to Jason Jaknunas for taking us through the mixdown process dirong COVID-19 quarantine - incredible work as always, even when most of the sessions were done over video conference.

There is not enough thanks to the musicians who performed on this record - thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks to the music venues who let us workshop these tunes infront of an audience over the past year - the National Arts Center the Rainbow, the Black Sheep Inn, Queen St Fare, The Cove Inn, 3030 Dundas, the Record Center. Thanks to Chris Snow and Girls+ Rock Ottawa for helping us put out our second video.

The biggest thanks to our partners and families who put up with us working long hours to write, record and release this music. We can’t wait for the next one!

More Slack Bridges here:
May I have this Dance
Kathryn Patricia - The Unleash Canadian New
Kathryn Patricia - The Unleash Canadian New
NEW LOCAL MUSIC and a great convo with Kathryn Patricia!

From her Bio:
Loop pedal violist, composer, and arranger Kathryn Patricia Cobbler has crafted a singular niche in improvisatory, pop, and classical performance.

She obsesses over creating uniquely arresting soundscapes, whether in solo recitals, composing for theatre, multi-disciplinary art installations and more.

Kathryn performs on a viola by luthier, Sibylle Ruppert and a Boss RC-30 loop pedal.

More Kathryn here:
a Great convo with Nicholas Leno from A Company of Fools!!!!


This completely original Shakespearian mashup by Ottawa theatre powerhouses Nicholas Leno and Sarah Finn
blends six of the Bard’s classic scenes with comedic interludes that all explore what it means to be in love, the
different types of relationships where love can grow, and how love can overcome the hurdles of these socially distant
times. Three Actors will adopt six famous roles each as they bring life to the love stories of Romeo and Juliet, As
You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by
co-author Nicholas Leno, this snappy, endearing weaving of Shakespeare’s most memorable stories of the struggles
and triumphs of love will keep our hearts warm this fall.


Due to the COVID-19 limitations placed on live performances, the Fools have re-imagined our famous annual
Torchlight Shakespeare in the park tour. Love from Afar is a one-week, fully mounted tour that will visit senior living
facilities across Ottawa to perform our new Shakespearian mashup. Our production will be presented outside these
facilities, and residents will be able to tune in to our miked actors on their radios to listen along in perfect quality. And
as our first-ever leap onto the digital stage, the animated comic will allow for our wider audience to experience the
production in a completely unique way. With both static and animated scenes, complete with voiceover, this comic is
the perfect way to let everyone in on the action. A new approach, but the same quality Foolish fun Ottawa can count


This three-handed Shakespearian mashup is in six capable hands - Geoff McBride, Mitchel Rose and Maryse
Fernandes make up our Company for this deliciously bite-sized tour. Veteran and fan favourite Fool Geoff McBride
will be delighting Ottawa audiences once more - and, from the acclaimed and revered Ottawa theatre troupe
Aplombusrhombus, Mitchel Rose (former Fool of 2017’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and Maryse Fernandes will
be lending their talents to our first ever Window Tour.
With costume and mask design by aesthetic wiz Hannah Ferguson, set design by Franco Pang, and original score
provided by musical superstar Alli Harris, this production channels an incredible soundscape combined with some of
the most expressive actors in Ottawa to provide an utterly unique experience in these utterly unique times.

More Fools here:
Donate to Fools:
The One That Got Away
The Hornettes - s/t Canadian
The Hornettes - s/t Canadian

The Hornettes 10th Birthday Bash!
The Rainbow Bistro - 76 Murray St.
Shows 1 & 2: Friday Sept. 25th @ 7:30PM & 10:30PM
Shows 3 & 4: Saturday Sept. 26th @ 7:30PM & 10:30PM

From their Bio:
Formed not too long ago, not too far from here, The Hornettes are a fire-breathing funky beast with a single purpose: heart racing, feet pacing, soul shaking, earth quaking dance floor bedlam. Sexual tension and heart-stopping stares ooze from the front-women, supported by the hottest horn section in town, and nature’s strongest form: the rock-solid rhythmic triangle of guitar, drums and bass.

More Hornettes here:
Interactive CKCU
another great show! Thanks!

9:40 PM, September 21st, 2020