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Monday Special Blend
Monday August 24th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
The healing power of poetry, being discovered on LinkedIn, and Max Webster!

First, an interview with Jamaal Jackson Rogers, AKA JustJamaal thePoet! We talked about how Private Sector, Universities, and Colleges could play a bigger role in supporting local arts! We also talked about his work with MASC and how poetry helped kids from York St. Public school work through their feelings on the world today. Then, I spoke with Abe Shep! He’s got a new EP, which was recorded live off the floor in a church! COOL! Then ANOTHER interview, this time with Sabrina Fallah! We yik-yakked awesome producers, and being discovered on LinkedIn! Seriously! On Top of all that, My DEMAND for music from r/ottawa bled into this week! The “Found on Reddit” block includes cool tunes from: FET.NAT, High Waters, Mike Mountain, Valarie Hartry, Trees, Almost Kennedy, Coastal Pigs, Burgerface and the Bathsalts, & Melanie Peterson!
High Class in Borrowed Shoes
Max Webster - High Class in Borrowed Shoes Canadian
Oodian Lina
Trees - Catznatica Canadian

From their bio:
Trees began as an instrumental three piece. Alex and Andrew Gelok, with Alex Johnstone, created a sound that combined their love of post-rock and effect-driven guitar. A year after formation, Jon Matthews joined Trees as a singer and instrumentalist...bringing melodies to the intricate harmony.

With strong roots in Canada's capital, Trees are something new, and destined to grow.

More Trees here:
Give Hope
Just Jamaal the Poet - s/t Canadian New
Kim Valentine and I had a great convo with Jamaal Jackson Rogers! We talked about building community, and how the Private Sector, Universities, and Colleges could make a bigger impact on local arts scenes.

We also discussed a recent project with MASC (Multicultural Arts Schools Communities). In May of 2020, York Street Public School noticed that their students were struggling with the news of racial violence coming out of the United States and here at home. To help support them, the school partnered with MASC so that the students could explore the issues and their feelings through an artist-in-residence poetry program led by Jamaal Jackson Rogers.

The result is “Give Hope,” a collective poem written by the children, recorded and performed by Jamaal, and filmed by Randy Kelly. Due to the pandemic, they were not able to film with the participants. This project was generously supported by the French Family Foundation.

From Jamaal’s Bio:
Jamaal Jackson Rogers; stage name Just Jamaal ThePoet, is a nationally recognized independent artist, creative entrepreneur and arts educator. He is the recently appointed Ottawa English Poet Laureate, a position that has not been occupied in the city of Ottawa for the past 27 years, and h,*as been awarded the outstanding Artist Educator Award by the Ontario Arts Foundation. He has also received national recognition from TVO and CBC respectively for his appearances on Canadian documentaries “4 Kids” and “In Their Words” directed by award winning film maker Randy Kelly and was the first place recipient for best new poem at the Body Electric Poetry Film Festival for his cinepoem “Husniyah”. In 2016, he was a finalist in the Emerging Artist Award presented by RBC.

Apt613 Writeup:
More info on MASC:
More Jamaal here:
The End of Days
Mike Mountain - Caught in Time Canadian New

From his bio:
Synthwave, outrun, darksynth, darkwave, vaporwave producer. Started producing on 26/11/2019.

Hope you enjoy the vibes!

More Mike Mountain here:
Peaches and Cream
Valarie Hartry - s/t Canadian New

From her Bio:
Rick & Morty Fan
Perogie obsessed
Meme lord
Music lover

More Valarie Hartry here:
Heavy Bells (Absoluut Remix)
High Waters - s/t Canadian

From their bio:
High Waters are a Canadian indie quartet established in 2009. They create a unique brand of panoramic rock. Using lush vocals, expressive guitars and synths, playful bass, and a driving percussive force, their intricate arrangements reach a swelling climax, creating a surge of rock, soul, and electronica that commands attention.

More High Waters here:
Safe in Cornwall
Coastal Pigs - Beach Slaughter Canadian

No bio that i could find!

Check out more Coastal Pigs here:
Patio Tuesday
Fet.Nat - Le Mal Canadian

From their bio:
Un collage de art punk, free jazz, breakbeat et de poésie théâtrale habite la musique de FET.NAT. Influencé par l e mouvement RIO et plusieurs autres références du sub-sub conscient.

FET.NAT is a Hull, Quebec band that creates a bombastic and off-kilter mix of punk, free jazz, and noise punctuated by nihilistic franglais poetics.

More FET.NAT here:
Wild Animals
Abe Shep - Unplugged Canadian New
I had a great ZOOM convo with Abe Shep!

His newest EP, Unplugged, was recorded live off the floor in a church! SUPER COOL!

Check out more Abe here:
Say the Same
Almost Kennedy - s/t Canadian

From their bio:
Almost Kennedy is an Ottawa Alt-Rock four piece with jangly guitars, soaring vocals & epic harmonies.

More Almost Kennedy here:
This is Why I Murder
Burgerface and the Bathsalts - Burgerface and the Bathsalts Canadian New

From their bio:
Burgerface & the Bath Salts are a 3 piece rock group out of Ottawa Ontario. Their debut, self titled EP highlights the band’s dark, energetic style of rock and roll through dynamic songcraft and heavy, driving hooks. “We decided to make our first album heavy, a foundation of hard rock just seemed like the way to go.”

More Burgerface here:
Kiss is a Killer
Sabrina Fallah - Sabrina Fallah Canadian
Sabrina Fallah - Sabrina Fallah Canadian
I had a great ZOOM call with Sabrina Fallah! We yik yakked all about her music, being discovered on LinkedIn, and working with a bunch of cool producers!

From her Bio:
Sabrina Fallah is a rock artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A natural on stage with her polished vocals to her guitar playing, this talented singer-songwriter has a powerful voice and a lot of personality.

In 2018, Sabrina was discovered on LinkedIn, which led her to getting signed to a label. The producers Sabrina has had the opportunity to work with are Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Twisted Sister), Chris Birkett (Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, Buffy Sainte Marie, Sinead O’Connor) and Kent Wells (Dolly Parton).

Check out more Sabrina here:
Melanie Peterson - s/t Canadian New

From her Bio:
Blessed with a voice reminiscent of an early Joni Mitchell, and an ability to imbue her vocals with palpable and authentic emotion, Saskatoon born, Toronto based singer-songwriter and actress Melanie Peterson has nimbly become one of the brightest lights on the Toronto music scene. Previously, she has released a five-song EP called ‘After the Fall’ (2010), her first full-length album ‘Unbreakable’ (2013), a six-song cover EP titled ‘Read It On The Radio’ (2014), her second full-length album ‘Anywhere From Here’ (2016), a two-song EP called ‘Two’ (2017), original Christmas singles “Santa’s Sleigh” (2016), “When You Were Here” (2017) and “Christmas Breaks My Heart” in 2019 (a finalist in The Great American Songwriting Contest), a three-song digital EP titled “What You're Selling” (2018) and the title track/single from upcoming album, “We Got This” (May 2020).

More Melanie here:
Max Webster - Max Webster Canadian
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