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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 17th, 2019 with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott

Take Me Home
Susan O - Live in Studio Canadian New
Confederate This
Susan O - Live in Studio Canadian
Crystalena - . Canadian
Vicki Brittle - . Canadian
Leavin' Her
Kelly Prescott - . Canadian

The June 23rd lineup for the next FemmeVox event at the Great Canadian Theatre Company!

Kelly Prescott
Vicki Brittle Music
Susan O

Headlining is the highly-renowned Kelly Prescott, who has graced some of North America's most celebrated stages, from the Grand 0l' Opry to the NAC.

Kelly will introduce her mentee, the dynamic up and coming country artist, Vicki Brittle.

Also joining the concert/workshop is local phenom Crystalena, who has been burning up Ottawa stages with her fiery vocals and impassioned performances.

Rounding out the evening is Susan O,
whose powerful voice and passionate lyrics paint vivid pictures through her songs of life, love and resilience.

FemmeVox 2019
Sunday, June 23, 2019 - 4:00 PM
The Great Canadian Theatre Company
300-1227 Wellington St. W.
FRAME OF MIND - Propeller Dance

We chat with
Surraya Aziz - Dancer, mentee to Shara Weaver for 'Picture This'
Amelia Griffin - Dancer, Rehearsal Assistant

Presented by Great Canadian Theatre Company, Propeller Dance once again breaks barriers with FRAME OF MIND. Featuring the premiere of an evocative new work, A Look Inside, the theme of mental health gets a breath of fresh air under the direction of Shara Weaver who aims to “open windows of truth, reject assumptions and re-imagine a world of inter-connectedness and understanding”. The show opener, Picture This, explores Mad Dance Aesthetic through a storytelling view and was created collaboratively with members of Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa and The Royal.

FRAME OF MIND from Propeller Dance
June 19-21, 2019
The Great Canadian Theatre Company - 1233 Wellington St W.

Twitter, Instagram: @propellerdance
First Time (feat. Nicholas Poupponeau Of Zoo Legacy)
DRAE - E/SCAPE Canadian

Mayofest & Mayofest Lite

We chat with
Aaron Maloney Roos, Chairman, ( building, entertainment, Mayofest grounds)
Courtney Rawlings. Director, Ttransportation, Marketing, Social media)
Drae , Andre Thibault, performer.

Mayofest is a 3 day music festival where you camp in the middle of the woods on a private lake! And this weekend, they’re holding their first family-friendly event!

Mayo Lite
June 22-23, 2019
Mayo, QC

Mayo-Lite is our first family friendly event at the site. It’s a weekend for those with children to be able to enjoy the site and bring their children along for the fun. There will be tons of games, water activities, face painting, hiking and camp fires for all the smores that your stomach can handle!

Children and Teenagers
12 and under: Get in FREE!
13 - 17: Get in for just the membership fee ($10), we are waving the event fee. We realize there might have been a few people who've already paid but are under 18. If that's the case, we're happy to refund you.
18 and over: Must show valid ID to be able to consume alcohol on site, and pay the Membership + Event fee.

I heard there will be bands?

You heard right! Check back soon to see who will be taking the stage! Stay tuned!

We also ask that you take home what you bring so that we can keep the forest clean and leave as small a footprint as possible! Ask an event volunteer for garbage bags, if you didn’t bring any, to prevent spillage in your vehicle. :)

Don't forget! You need to purchase an annual membership to come to both Mayo Lite, and Mayofest!

July 26-28, 2019
Mayo, QC

Mayofest is a celebration of all the good things that summer has to offer. It begins early one Friday afternoon and continues on until Sunday morning. Mayofest is a chance for you to bring your friends to our private site, make some awesome new friendships, listen to some live music, play some games,hang out on a pirate ship, hike up the famous “easy mountain”, eat great food, drink great beer /drinks from our licensed bar and enjoy the weekend at our private lake!

Phil Kesler - . Canadian
Phil Kesler - . Canadian

Local musician Phil Kesler makes soothing, toe-tapping, acoustic loveliness! Great guitar work and amazing voice. Check him out!

Playing on Tuesday at Live! on Elgin!
Open mic - Rogers TV edition! - Featuring Phil Kesler
Tuesday, June 18 2019
Live! On Elgin - 220 Elgin Street
Doors 8:00pm - Show 9:00pm
Never Been Lonley
Kimberly Sunstrum - . Canadian

Kimberly Sunstrum is a Queer, Afro-Canadian singer-songwriter from the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Blending profound vocals with heartfelt lyrics, Sunstrum’s music delves into topics on family, race, feminism, Queerness and the ways these multidimensional identities influence how we navigate the world.

Playing Sunday at the Jazzfest!

Kimberly Sunstrum + The Wilds at TD Ottawa Jazz Festival
Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 4 PM – 5 PM
Queen St. Fare - 170 Queen Street
Gilad Hekselman Trio - Homes


"Gilad Hekselman has a vision of modern jazz that's harmonically fluent but not averse to simple melody or gentle, approachable effect." - The New York Times.

Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004. In his latest album, Ask for Chaos, this acclaimed guitarist takes a bold new turn, inspired by two new and quite disparate trio configurations. Hekselman sequenced the new album with the two trios interspersed, resulting in sonic surprise but also a seamless aesthetic unity. The gHex Trio is giving a whole new dimension to the music.

Playing Friday at the Jazz fest!

Gilad Hekselman Trio @ TD Ottawa Jazz Festival
Friday June 21 @ 8:00pm
NAC Fourth Stage - 1 Elgin St.
Interactive CKCU