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Vintage Love
Saturday March 22nd, 2014 with O'shea Adagio
The Request Line

Thank you for all your requests this week and tonight and thank you for tuning in to the show. Have a great week until next time. Next week all instrumental music on Vintage Love. :-) O'shea Adagio Vintage Love Facebook: ckcuvintagelove
James Ray (@ 08:50)
The Crystallites - -
Pass It On (@ 15:00)
The Wailers - -
Let It Be Me (@ 20:00)
Johnny Clarke and Doreen Shaffer - -
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (@ 25:22)
Noel Brown - -
Annick requested some Delroy Wilson for the show tonight so here is Delroy for you. Thank you for our request.
Once Upon A Time (@ 27:40)
Delroy Wilson - -
Come And Get Some (@ 30:41)
Barbara Jones - -
Birthday greetings going out to Karena who celebrated her special day yesterday. Happy Birthday Karena!! Here is a set of music I know you will enjoy...especially for you. Some Bob Marley, Gregory and Beres coming up.
Happy Birthday Mummy (@ 37:00)
Tony Rich - -
Kaya - Alternate Mix (@ 40:15)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - -
Love Is Overdue (@ 42:50)
Greogry Isaacs - -
Doctor's Orders (@ 46:18)
Beres Hammond - -
These next 2 songs are for first time listener Safiyah who loves Glen Washington and Beres. Thank you for tuning in Safiyah. I hope you enjoy these tracks. Thanks for tuning in.
Secret Lovers (@ 53:20)
Glen Washington - -
Rock Away (@ 56:50)
Beres Hammond - -
Another request, this one from Facebook for Brown Sugar. She wanted to hear some Etana.
Reggae (@ 61:00)
Etana - -
Easy (@ 67:20)
Kelly Makeda - -
One of my favorite songs and favorite artists and this.... one of Celia's favorite songs. So by request for Celia, this is Bitty McLean.
Walk Away From Love (@ 70:33)
Bitty McLean And The Supersonics - -
I cleaned this CD, previewed the entire song and it played absolutelyl fine.. and then this...... :-(
Music And Me (@ 75:40)
Michael Jackson - -
Heaven Sent (@ 77:37)
Keyshia Cole - -
Fall In Love (@ 81:35)
Belinda - - Canadian
Numerous requests came in for the show but this specific Beres tune was requested by a few different people.
Step Aside (@ 85:24)
Beres Hammond - -
Hold On To What You Got (@ 89:30)
Dennis Brown - -
Worrell wanted me to pass along birthday greetings to his cousin so some Sanchez for you your birthday J.
Here I Am (@ 94:30)
Sanchez - -
Guilty (@ 97:50)
UB40 - -
For you who requested some Maxi Priest, this is Wild World. Also rewound for the legendary Mikey Wizdom from CHUO.
Wild World (@ 101:45)
Maxi Priest - - Canadian
Someone Like You (@ 107:10)
Wayne Daniel - -
Strong Love (@ 112:00)
Patrick Rose - -
A song for Rosette, listening from Antigua. This is a song for her soon to be husband. I think this song expresses somewhat how you feel Rosette. "You Bring Out The Sun"
You Bring The Sun Out (@ 116:25)
Janet Kay - -
Right Here Waiting (@ 120:50)
Sanchez - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Welcome to Vintage Love for this Saturday March 22nd, 2014. My name is O'shea Adagio and I hope you enjoy the show tonight. 2 hours of music coming up. :-)

10:09 PM, March 22nd, 2014
Delroy ah one wicked artist

10:34 PM, March 22nd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Absolutely. Thank Annick for that request.

10:44 PM, March 22nd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Long time Mandingo.. how have you been? I hope all is well. Nice to hear from you again.

10:44 PM, March 22nd, 2014
always listening, just quiet. music nice nuh ras!!!

10:47 PM, March 22nd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Alright... cool. Well nice to hear from you tonight. :-)

10:54 PM, March 22nd, 2014
Love it! Thanks Oshea!

11:05 PM, March 22nd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
You are welcome Brown Sugar. I am glad you liked that Etana track. Thank you for your request.

11:08 PM, March 22nd, 2014
boom shoe mr dj...please play john holt stealing stealing thank you

11:12 PM, March 22nd, 2014
this Beres chune is for pure Joe Grine!!!!

11:27 PM, March 22nd, 2014
VL Fan
Love the M.J. song - "Music and Me". (Mr. M.J - the infamous voice of the century!) Great show!

11:37 PM, March 22nd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Ya I love that tune too... I wish it had played... I previewed it and all... went fine but of course... Oh well.. these things happen... but yes a fantastic ode to music from MJ.

11:39 PM, March 22nd, 2014
Great 'Listener Request Show'. (You've been very accommodating). Hope the listeners enjoyed each of their special request. Have a great remainder of the weekend!

12:03 AM, March 23rd, 2014
All instrumental!! Well I have a request for next week. Can you sing along while the instrumentals are playing??? Please...pretty please. I love your seductive barritone voice! Please accommodate our request. Thx.

12:06 AM, March 23rd, 2014
Amazing U
I see you kept your turn-dial phone in-tact!!:-). Looking forward to next weeks show. I'm sure you'll make it interesting! Re: last week's pic - that's an interesting bridge. What city is it in...if you don't mind saying.

9:18 AM, March 23rd, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thank you for your message Peace. I hope everyone who tuned in enjoyed the show.

11:32 AM, March 26th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Now... as for the singing over the instrumentals... I am not sure why you would want that... and why you would want to potentially ruin the show. haha :-) I am looking foward to this show. I have thought about doing it many times over the years. So we will see if you all enjoy the show enough to do it again sometime or no. I hope you will check it out on Sat. March 29th.

11:35 AM, March 26th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Why not take a guess AU?? Where do you think that is???

11:35 AM, March 26th, 2014
I'm not sure...but I do like the design! (I'm tempted to think it's somewhere along the rideau canal/ Colonel By drive. But the pic definitely makes us dream of summer with all the green trees in the background!!

7:09 AM, March 27th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Good guess... but unfortunately not correct. Would you like to phone a friend, 50/50 or ask the audience???? :-)

10:26 AM, March 27th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
One thing you are correct with... and that is I cant wait to be done with this snow and cold. There is nothing like the open road in summer. Okay.. next guess! :-)

10:28 AM, March 27th, 2014
You are so torturous!!:-). But I'll find out and let you know!! Stay safe in the snow/freezing rain mix today!

7:17 AM, March 28th, 2014
O'shea Adagio (host)
Hey AU, not meaning to be torturous. Okay.... that is a pic on I-81 heading south in PA en route to New York City. PA is a state with lots of interesting bridges.. also a beautiful place to explore anytime but especially in fall when the trees are turning colors. Anyway, ya.. that was on another adventure to NYC. :-)

12:59 PM, April 1st, 2014
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