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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday May 19th, 2021 with Ron Steeds
Amirani Records Pt. 2 - Sincere Sounds Hanging About

We complete our survey of the Italian free jazz record label. - Sincere Sounds Hanging About
Break Tune
Arthur Blythe - In The Tradition - Columbia
Set 1
Sparse Lyrics
Ganni Lenoci and Gianni Mimmo - Reciprocal Uncles - Amirami
The Bending Attitude
Marshall / Guazzaloca / Mimmo - The Shoreditch Concert - Amirami
Spargete Tutt Intorno
Lol Coxhill and Enzo Rocco - Fine Tuning; The Grandisca Concert - Amirami
Set 2
EAOrchestra - Likeidos - Amirami
Flight Of The Birds
Luca Segala - Cloudriding - Amirami
The Significance Was Carefully Hidden
Joao Pedro Vegas - Unknown Shores - Amirami
Drops #1
Yoko Miura - Live At L'Horlage - Amirami
Humble Sonata
Gianni Mimmo and Alison Blunt - Busy Butterflies - Amirami
Whirling Sema
Luca Collivasone and Gianni Mimmo - Rumpus Room - Amirami
Interactive CKCU