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Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday February 21st, 2018 with Relentless Renny
Black History Month = BLACK ROCK & ROLL. From the chart-toppers to the obscure, tonight's show will be unrelenting African-American Rock & Roll. All killer, no filler!

Until June of 1949 African-American music was classified as Race Music in the Billboard charts, then it was called Rhythm & Blues. In the Fifties when white teenagers started listening to black music it was rebranded as Rock & Roll. The ironic thing about the new designation, is that the term Rock & Roll had been used in African-American music as a synonym for sexual intercourse since the Twenties.
Rocket 88
JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS - Ike Turner - That Kat Sure Could Play!: The Singles 1951 to 1957 - '51 Chess Records/'10 Secret Records
Love My Baby
LITTLE JUNIOR'S BLUE FLAMES - The Sun Records Story - The Blues Came Down From Memphis - '53 Sun Records/'95 Charly Records
Well All Right
BIG JOE TURNER - Rocks In My Bed - '54 Atlantic Records/'05 Membran Music
JESSE STONE - Jesse Stone Alias Charles Calhoun - '54 Atlantic Records/'96 Bear Family Records
Rock'n'Roll Dance
LLOYD PRICE - The Cosimo Matassa Story - '56 Specialty Records/'07 Proper Records
Who Do You Love
BO DIDDLEY - Signifying Blues - '56 Checker Records/'93 Charly Records
Chicken Little
PICO PETE - Sin Alley (30 Real Gone Rockabilly & R&B Howlers!) - '56 Jet Records/'97 Crypt Records
Juicy Fruit
RUDY GREENE - Sin Alley (30 Real Gone Rockabilly & R&B Howlers!) - '57 Ember Records/'97 Crypt Records
King Kong
BIG "T" TYLER - The Aladdin Records Story - '57 Aladdin Records/'95 EMI Records
Flatfoot Sam
TV SLIM & HIS HEARTBREAKERS - Gumbo Ya Ya - The Cosimo Matassa Story Vol. 2 - '57 Checker Records/'12 Proper Records
Ooh! My Soul
LITTLE RICHARD - The Georgia Peach - '58/'91 Specialty Records
DON & DEWEY - Jungle Hop - '58/'91 Specialty Records
Oh, Oh
EDDIE BO - Gumbo Ya Ya - The Cosimo Matassa Story Vol. 2 - '58 Chess Records/'12 Proper Records
Dizzy, Miss Lizzy
LARRY WILLIAMS - The Specialty Records Story - '58/'94 Specialty Records
Down On The Farm
BIG AL DOWNING & THE POE-KATS - Wild Men Ride Wild Guitars! Original Rockabilly and Chicken Bop – Volume 1 - '58 White Rock Records/Challenge Records/'90 Sundazed Music
Strollin' On The Beach
HOLLYWOOD FLAMES - Smell Of The Cramps: More Songs From The Vault Of Lux & Ivy - '58 Ebb Records/'12 Righteous/Cherry Red Records
SHERIFF & THE RAVELS - The Cramps Jukebox - '59 Vee-Jay Records/'10 Chrome Dreams
The Bear
JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON - 3 Hours Past Midnight - '59 Class Records/'86 Ace Records
Jack Rabbit
ICKY RENRUT - Jack Rabbit Blues - '59 Stevens Records/'11 Secret Records
Castin' My Spell
JOHNNY OTIS SHOW - That's Your Last Boogie! - '59 Capitol Records/'12 Fantastic Voyage
Johnny Otis was genetically Greek but grew up in a black neighbourhood in Berkley, were his family ran a store. Culturally, socially and philosophically, Johnny identified himself as black and changed his name from Veliotes to Otis. He is one of the more important figures in West Coast Rhythm & Blues and was instrumental in the development of what was to become known as Rock & Roll.
The Girl Can't Dance
BUNKER HILL - Talkin' Trash! Lookey Dookey - '63 Mala Records/'99 Rhythm & Blooz/Crypt Records
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
WARNING: There are no slow songs tonight. Dance to this show at your own risk!.

6:41 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
All killers....No fillers!

8:06 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
I've just drunk a whole pot of Sumatran dark roast. I'm too caffeinated to worry about listeners tonight. And all these songs are two minutes or less, I'm running off my feet tonight.

8:23 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
That being said....Are there any listeners out there tonight?

8:24 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
That's colder than a ticket taker's smile.....

8:25 PM, February 21st, 2018
digging it. "get up offa that money"

8:34 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
Hey Paul. At least I know there's one soul out there listening and actually liking it! Thanks Paul.

8:35 PM, February 21st, 2018
damn right. This is the good stuff. Still 100% my favourite kinda music, if pushing comes to shoving.

8:37 PM, February 21st, 2018
Hey, just looking through yer older playlists (as always, all killer!) and saw the Blasters show. A year or two back, Dave and Phil Alvin played here in Toronto, backing up their kinda sorta reunion (or at least reconciliation) record (which is solid). Man, so good. A few Blasters tunes, lots of Joe Turner, and a version of James Brown's "Please, Please, Please" that was something else entirely. Phil may have had some health issues, but the man can still sing like crazy.

8:57 PM, February 21st, 2018
Renny G (host)
Very cool. I saw them at Grand Central in the 80s but they were held up at the border and arrived two hours late. I remember they played a long set and they were good but other than that I can't remember anything about it. I had too much fun.

9:35 PM, February 21st, 2018
Steve Kirkland
Renny, i'm listening ON DEMAND - i'm not caffeinated, but i'm plenty jumped up by the tunes... great stuff, great show...

5:31 PM, February 22nd, 2018