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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday October 21st, 2015 with Lloyd Smiley
Halloween... Back to the Future!

Halloween Spooks
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - The Hottest New Group in Jazz
Little Demon
Screaming Jay Hawkins - The Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957
I'm the Wolfman
Round Robin - The Ultimate 50s and 60s Rockin' Horror Disc
Murder in the Graveyard
Screaming Lord Such - Murder in the Graveyard
Castin' My Spell
Johnny Otis - Hits of the 50s
Back to Back, Belly to Belly (Zombie Jamborie)
The Charmer - The Charmer is Louis Farrakhan: Calypso Favorites 1953-1954
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
Cyril Smith - Haunted House: 20 Tracks to Make You Scream
The Cat
Rod Willis - 50s Rock n' Roll Horror
Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)
The Duponts - 50s Rock n' Roll Horror
Satan's Theme
The Rondels - Vintage Cabriolet, Vol. 3
The Boogie Man
Todd Rollins & His Orchestra with Chick Bullock - Halloween Classics: Songs That Scared The Bloomers Off Your Great-Grandma
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