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Mystic & Severe
Thursday October 28th, 2021 with Michael O'Keefe
Of Soil & Of Fire – More Spooky TIFF Coverage

More Spooky Shocktober Film Festival coverage! This time it's 100% interviews from the Toronto International Film Festival. Coming from Iran is Writer Director Arsalan Amiri & Writer Ida Panahandeh who educate us about Kurdish mysticism seen in their movie 'Zalava,' which is notably the 1st movie from their country which has been included in TIFF's Midnight Madness category. Writer Director Nithin Lukose talks about his broody movie 'Paka (River of Bood,' which peeked the interest of Cameron Bailey (& Michael's) & will certainly expand your opinion on Indian cinema. Writer Director Fabrice Du Welz chats about his 90s romantic thrilled infused movie 'Inexorable,' which is a film made in Belgium & he seems to like Mike while also being perplexed by some of his takes. Finally, we hear from Writer Director Blaine Thurier who made a very inspired Vampire movie here in Ontario. There are plenty of fun movie tracks notably the show closes to some of Shooting Guns' live performance of 'Nosferatu,' which was at the Mayfair Theatre back in 2017. The bizarre movie 'Night Killer,' (1990) gets a review as do 'Saloum,' 'Neptune Frost,' 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wan,' 'Arthur Rambo,' 'The Mad Women's Ball,' 'After Blue (Dirty Paradise),' & 'Sundown,' which all played during the 2021 edition of TIFF. Please consider donating to this shows on or to any show on CKCU FM & you can look forward to 2 more broadcasts after this.
NYC Main Title
Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox Soundtrack - Grind House Releasing
A Different Drum
Peter Gabriel - Passion (Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ) - Geffen Records
Main Theme
Luigi Giuliano Ceccarelli - Strike Commando - Severin Films
Pieces Suite
Stelvio Cipriani & Carlo Maria Cordio - Pieces - Grind House Releasing
Out of Time
Claudio Simonetti - Midnight Killer Soundtrack
Act V
Shooting Guns - Nosferatu Canadian
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