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Can I Have A Word?
Thursday June 30th, 2022 with Bob LeDrew
Social change and social movements -- a field guide with Prof. Roberta Lexier

The Dobbs decision in the US Superme Court has galvanaized pro-choice groups and been declared a win by anti-abortion groups. But we thought it might be a good idea to talk about how social movements form, how they can be most effective, and what the past can teach us about making social change today. My guest is historian Roberta Lexier, PhD, who teaches at Mount Royal University in Calgary.
A Few Simple Words
Grit Laskin - A Few Simple Words - Borealis Canadian
Learn more about Prof. Lexier at:
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Union Bob
Labour Movement... great xample of how hard it is to struggle on.....movements go in tides on Bay of Fundy...

4:30 PM, June 30th, 2022
David Lewis was a great are Left Establishment........

4:32 PM, June 30th, 2022