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Can I Have A Word?
a feature interview.... with an artist, author, activist, community leader.... and pretty much anyone, maybe even you?
Hosted by: Dick Alta Vista, Dave Aardvark and Zakaria Brahimi
Airs: Every Wednesday from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM

a feature interview.... .... do you have something interesting to talk about? please e-mail us at and we'll aim to set you up if we can!

Can I Have A Word?

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 19, 2019 DesTrois in conversation with Lungbutter
May. 22, 2019 Carolyn Carolyn will be interviewing Lucie Tsai, co-organizer of the Ottawa chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless.
May. 15, 2019 DesTrois in conversation w/​ "Feminist Twin" Jenna Spagnoli
May. 8, 2019 DesTrois Jason Finucan about Mental Health Awareness Week
May. 1, 2019 DesTrois Deborah Grinnell and Warren Clarke about their collaboration: "Theatre of the Oppressed"

Feature interviews with interesting people that are making a difference and do things that matter!

If you fit that description e-mail us at and we'll aim to set you up if we can!

Coming up on Can I Have A Word?
Jun. 19th, 2019 4:30 PM
today DesTrois talks to members of the band LUNGBUTTER about their new album "Honey" and their concert with H. de Heutz and Deathsticks at Pressed Thurs night, see playlist for more details...