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Can I Have A Word?
Thursday January 6th, 2022 with Bob LeDrew
Choral music with a queer twist, featuring Deirdre Kellerman of Tone Cluster

Tone Cluster: quite a queer choir has been part of Ottawa's musical and GLBTQ+ communities since 1994, putting together countless concerts and appearances in Ottawa and far beyond. Deirdre Kellerman is the (relatively) new artistic director for the choir, joining last year during a pandemic-restricted virtual season. We talk about choral music, the power of the voice, and where queerness meets choir.
A Few Simple Words
Grit Laskin - A Few Simple Words - Borealis Canadian
Voice Dance
Tone Cluster - None Canadian New
Bismillah, Ir Ralman Ir Rahim
One Voice Mixed Chorus - Old, New, Borrowed, Q
Tone Cluster's latest virtual concert is streaming January 3-17 on Youtube. It's called "Vocalise: minimum text, maximum sound". Find it here:

You can find their website and find out about joining the choir at:

Deirdre Kellerman's site is:
Interactive CKCU
What a great in-depth conversation about voice in music Bob and Deirdre. Loved your pick too from Tone Cluster's Vocalise virtual concert *

1:14 PM, January 5th, 2022
Dave Aardvark (host)
Great stuff thanks Bob!

4:53 PM, January 6th, 2022