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Wednesday June 5th, 2019 with DesTrois
Rural women: Radio stories

In line with the theme of the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (12 – 23 March), “Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls,” and in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), UN Women brings to life stories of rural women from around the world, from Haiti and Canada to Iraq and Senegal to the pacific islands of Fiji. Produced largely by women producers, these stories, told in the first-person narrative, are currently being aired on local community radio stations. source:
Antonia del Carmen Jiron Flores, Nicaragua
Producer: Wendy Quintero Chavez
time: 7:41

Antonia del Carmen Jiron Flores is an agroecological producer, who implements agroecological practices as, “they are very important for soil conservation.” Her goal is to encourage agro-ecological agriculture as well as to preserve the use of native seeds. “We risk losing our own identity as producers, we risk becoming dependent on transnational companies to plant our products,” she says, explaining the campaign against transgenic seeds.
_ _ _ _ _ _
Palupi Pusporini, Indonesia
Producer : Noor Chasanah, JRKDem
time: 6:35

Palupi Pusporini, Programme Director for the Women Crisis Centre (WCC) in Jombang, Indonesia, is involved in the protection of women and children who are survivors of violence. Last year, the centre registered 62 cases of violence against women.
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Lucille Chute, Fiji
Producer: FemLINKPacific
time: 10:59

Lucille Chute, Fane Boseiwaqa and Losana Derenalagi are three radio animators in Fiji and they describe their experiences bringing about a radio channel for women as well as the first community radio in Fiji.”
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