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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday May 16th, 2019 with Jeff Larocque
Michael Woods of Ottawa Special Events

If you want tickets to this Saturday's Ottawa Champions Game with Ottawa Special Events go to - Free to victims of the Ottawa area flooding as well as volunteers who pitched in to help.
Cutting So Fine
Canada High - Canada High Canadian
The Bridge
Oh Susanna - Johnstown Canadian
Don't Trouble Trouble
Maple Hill - Back To You Canadian
The Language
Julie Corrigan - The Language Canadian
Tickets on the Weekend
Oh Susanna - A Girl In Teen City Canadian
Rusty Rails
Gentlemen of the Woods - The Great Unknown Canadian New
Another Sunday Night
Arms of the Girl - Another Sunday Night Canadian
Highway Call
Richards Betts - Highway Call
Dig Before You Sow
Sarah Beatty - Bandid Queen Canadian
Interactive CKCU
good show Jeff! hopefully commuters figure out alternatives soon or start taking summer vacations! See you soon!

11:43 AM, May 16th, 2019