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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday April 26th, 2018 with Jeff Larocque
NDDHS Music Program Success! Plus, two amazing local children's charities, "Stars in a Jar" and "Twice Upon a Time" ...and maybe a little #PepTalk too!

North Dundas brings their Junior & Senior Band and Junior Choir representatives and their leader, Joel Exner to the studio to talk about their recent WINS at the Kinsmen Music Festival, only 3 years after the music program had completely shut down at their school. Later, Natania "Nat" Abeeb CEO and Co-Founder from Stars In A Jar will be on site and live in studio, and finally Alexandra Yarrow, President of "Twice Upon a Time" will join us for the second half of the program. "Just Cause" welcomes Pierre Kharyati as an official volunteer intern. Here are some important links for Stars In A Jar: Web: Facebook: Twitter: @Stars_InA_Jar Here is the website for Twice Upon a Time: Like them on Facebook: On Twitter: @FreeBooksOttawa
Cutting So Fine
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Go All The Way
Raspberries - Raspberries
Rhapsody in Blue
Deodato - Deodato 2
Chuck Copenance Group - Appetites (EP) Canadian
Lake Superior
Kristine St-Pierre - Call Me Crazy Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Who's the Best Anthem Singer of all time??

7:40 PM, April 25th, 2018
All time? Wow. I'd have to go with Roger Doucet.

7:53 PM, April 25th, 2018
Shelley Ann Morris
Brilliant! Great story about the recovery of the North Dundas High School Band—an example of how unshakable faith and hard work triumphs! Students need different ways to excel, and some will excel through music. Way to go!!!! Looking forward to hear about Stars In A Jar and Twice Upon A Time.

7:14 AM, April 26th, 2018
Shelley Ann Morris
Welcome to the CKCU family Pep—you are in for quite an adventure!

7:30 AM, April 26th, 2018
Joel Exner
Hi Jeff, huge thank you once again for taking the time to speak to our music students. There are some very proud smiles in the North Dundas hallway today!

8:03 AM, April 26th, 2018
Jeff Larocque (host)
You deserve all the credit Joel. I'm happy we were able to get a few of the band and choir members on air with us. Way to Go NDDHS!

8:09 AM, April 26th, 2018
Jeff Larocque (host)
My vote for best anthem singer would be Kate Smith for the Philadelphia Flyers 70's with her version of "God Bless America"... and I miss Lynden Slewidge here in Ottawa.

8:11 AM, April 26th, 2018
Shelley Ann thanks soo much! Joel, great story out of North Dundas. Jeff debriefed me, you should be very proud.

8:44 AM, April 26th, 2018
Congrats to Pierre on his first interview and his expanded role on the show.....well deserved and a welcome addition as a listener!

9:13 AM, April 26th, 2018
Stacey McCakely
Great show! some inspirational stories! Pep Talk rocks...glad to see Pierre is stepping up in the world of radio...what a yummy voice!! I cry for my Leafs

9:31 AM, April 26th, 2018
Jeff Larocque (host)
Apologies to Stars in a Jar & Intern Pierre for the "hard exit" from the backing music track at the beginning of the interview. Note to self... always have the headphones on when you're running the program.

10:05 AM, April 26th, 2018
Well Done Pierre the Intern ... Enjoying your addition to the show!

12:09 PM, April 26th, 2018
I'd like to hear Pierre talk about fitness. Pierre have you thought about a show that discusses fitness? you know a lot of people in the industry, I'm sure you could find many guests!

4:20 PM, April 26th, 2018
Good job guys and nice first interview, Pierre. Really enjoying the Pep talk segments

8:01 PM, April 26th, 2018
Thanks Chris! And Steph, that's actually a really neat idea!

6:29 AM, April 27th, 2018
Shelley Ann Morris
Just reading the comments once more--I TOTALLY think that Pierre should do a show about fitness--a discussion that is lacking and much-needed. I would certainly listen in!!!!

7:46 AM, April 27th, 2018
Sweet Pepper Brown keep bringing the heat! fitness and sport are totally your jam big guy.

11:35 AM, April 27th, 2018
great feedback, thanks soo much. Once I get through orientation and the training, I'll pitch a fitness show with sport elements, and certainly within the fitness industry there are many many charities throughout the year, so it could tie in nicely.

11:43 AM, April 27th, 2018