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Thursday April 19th, 2018 with Suzette Schmiedel
Optimizing Brain Health and Neurological Performance with Brain Training Expert Daniel Mauro

How well our brain functions can determine whether we are able to perform at optimum levels in the workplace and in life. Even more so if you have suffered a concussion or have mental health issues. So what can we do to optimize our brain health? Find out on today's episode of I Am Alive with Brain Training Expert Daniel Mauro. Special Guest: Daniel Mauro, M.Cog.Sc, Honours Psychology, B.A. Math. Neuroscientist and Brain Training Expert Founder of High Performance Brain Magazine Creator of High Performance Brain Digital Course Platform WEB (High Performance Brain Digital Platform): BOOK (Build Yourself a Better Brain): CONTACT INFO: Upcoming Events: WEBINAR (Launching Thursday, April 19, 2018): How To Protect Your Brain and Body from the Effects of Toxic EMFs, Wifi, Cell Phone, and Background Radiation:
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Lalith Gunaratne
Excellent interview with Daniel Mauro.... so much aligned to the work i do in Mindfulness. I learned two new things - extended exhale to get the peri- sympathetic system going to relax when one is stressed out... and to slow the breathing cycle per minute... thank you Suzette...

7:03 PM, April 24th, 2018