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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday August 10th, 2017 with Shelley Ann Morris and Chris White
A focus on some of the many amazing programs on the CKCU schedule.

A focus on some of the many programs on the CKCU schedule, including: (a) "The Department of Imaginary Studies" – A bi-weekly radio show programmed and hosted by and for Sir Guy Carleton high school students, with a special focus on local musicians (alternate Thursday mornings from 6:00 to 7:00). We chat with today's hosts –"Mr. M." and "Froggy" – about the history of the show as well as CKCU's long-running and much-loved "radio camps" for teens. Link to playlists and "On Demand" audio: (b) "Welcome To My World" / "WTMW" – A show by, for and about people with disabilities (Tuesday mornings at 9:05 am). We replay an inspiring conversation about music therapy and autism that took place between Windsor-based singer-songwriter Karen Morand and "WTMW" hosts Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris . The ful interview, which was originally aired on July 25, 2017, is available in CKCU's "On Demand" archive at (c) "Friends With Benefits" – Excellent music and engaging conversations with host Tonya Price (Tuesdays at 4:00 pm). We replay a snippet of a fascinating conversation she had with Ottawa songwriter Dave King on July 28, 2015. Dave spent 17 years in a basement with virtually no human interaction before returning to clarity and society in 2012. He has released two albums since that time. Check out the complete interview in CKCU's "On Demand" archive at (d) "Canadian Spaces" – Canada's longest-running folk music program (Saturday mornings at 10:00). Interviews, performances, news and announcements, with a focus on local and Canadian singer-songwriters. Founded by the late Chopper McKinnon in 1980, now hosted by Chris White and numerous co-hosts. Link to playlists and "On Demand" audio at Other CKCU hosts and programs mentioned on this show include: * Elorious Cain ("The Groove", Saturday afternoons at 1:00 pm) * Professor Mike ("Night Trax", Sunday nights/Monday mornings at 2:00 am) * Vincent Strohmeier (former host of "This Island Earth", Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm) * John Tackaberry ("Black and Blues", Sunday evenings at 9:00 pm) * Dave Sampson (The Sixties", Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm)
Chinese Maria
The Haig - Template for Disaster Canadian
Just For Now
Lynne Hanson - Uneven Ground Canadian
Junkyard Heart
Karen Morand - Junkyard Heart Canadian
Interactive CKCU
I was listening to the show on my way into work this morning and I loved the conversation and music - especially Chinese Maria by The Haig! I will catch up with what I missed later on line. Great show!!!

7:52 AM, August 10th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
yes, CKCU is like one big, happy family! I am so proud to be a part of it! Thanks, CKCU!

5:59 AM, August 12th, 2017