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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday January 12th, 2017 with Suzette Schmiedel
2017, Shifting into an Environmentally Mindful World with Lalith Gunaratne

As many more people seek to achieve inner harmony how will this reflect on the world we live in? Does this desire for inner peace have a connection to humanities growing desire for environmental sustainability? And if so, how could this transform life on Earth? Find out on I Am Alive with Lalith Gunaratne, a Mindful Leadership Facilitator who has provided leadership and team building workshops for a host of organizations in the private, government sectors and with NGOs around the globe. Special Guest: Lalith Gunaratne Principal of Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership Director LGSE Partners Inc. Supan RE Solutions Inc. and oursun Canada Inc. Tel 613-857-0912 E mail: <> SKYPE: Lalith.Gunaratne Linkedin: Blogsite:
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