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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday August 20th, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
A Shamanistic View of Healing

A SHAMANISTIC VIEW OF HEALING Since ancient times, Shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, survival, and knowledge. By learning from the plants and animals, from the rocks and mountains, from the winds and waters, and from the sun, moon, and stars, shamans helped their people live in harmony with the universe. As Shamanism experiences a revival in the 21st century, Andrew Mackie shares with us his amazing story into the world of shamanic healing.
Twisted Hair
Robbie Robertson & RRE - Music For The Native Americans Canadian
African Journey
Michael Stearns - Baraka
Bread & Cheese (feat Black Bear)
A Tribe Called Red - Nation II Nation Canadian
Peyote Healing
Robbie Robertson - Contact From The Underworld of Redboy Canadian
Movim 1
Magda Angelica - Ilhuikatzin
Special Guest:
Andrew Mackie
A man who has ventured on the path of the Shaman

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5:50 PM, August 26th, 2015