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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday June 4th, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
What About Men?

WHAT ABOUT MEN??? Is it possible that they have been left out in some way because of social and cultural programming? Are men not allowed to venture into themselves? Or is this just what we believe? Find out with Bruce Rosove as he shares with us his personal journey into discovery of the Warrior within and the ManKind Project.
Coyote Dance
Robbie Robertson & Red Road Ensemble - Music For The Native Americans Canadian
The Way I Feel
Ford - Ford, Cross'n Water Canadian
Man Like You
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms Canadian
Stomp Dance (Unity)
Robbie Robertson & Red Road Ensemble - Contact From The Underworld of Redboy Canadian
Special Guest:
Bruce Rosove
Known as the Happiness Coach
Career and Relationships Coach

The ManKind Project:
or contact Bruce Rosove at (613) 233 8013
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