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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday May 28th, 2015 with Tony Copple
Big Sky Ranch, and the Ritchie Street Drummers

Big Sky Ranch in Kemptville has saved 1800+ animals from not being alive since 2002, finding homes for the majority. Tony Copple visited the ranch to find out more and met Founder Andy Parent, Office Manager Pauline Lefleur, and some very contented animals. Music in this program is from the singers and drummers of Ritchie Street, Ottawa, where being alive is in itself an achievement.
Big Sky Ranch is an animal sanctuary in rural Kemptville. I visited the Founder Andy Parent, and Office Manager Pauline Lafleur at the ranch to breathe in the atmosphere of a place where so many animals of different species are able to live a good life, even if they have been abandoned or suffering medical conditions.
Andy Parent - chat
Pauline Lefleur - chat
neighs, grunts, barks, etc
Various horses,emus,llamas etc - chat Canadian
Ritchie Street singers - Ritchie Street DVD Canadian
African drumming
The Ritchie Street Drummers - Ritchie Street DVD Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
If you love animals, you won't want to miss this show! This is one of the most important programs on the CKCU grid! Thank you Tony for introducing us to these beautiful 2- and 4-legged souls!!!

1:06 PM, May 28th, 2015
Tony Copple (host)
As you listen on demand, tour the Big Sky Ranch website

4:07 PM, June 2nd, 2015
Shelley Ann Morris
I have to tell you about our recent trip to the Big Sky Ranch. It was our mother’s 75th birthday on December 23, and we asked her how she would like to spend the day. She wanted to go out there—we’d been out at Thanksgiving but it was closed so we promised that we’d make a return trip. My sister, Mum and I headed out to the ranch. When we got there, we were greeted by a massive black pussycat named Bigglesworth—I’d heard about him from the I Am Alive show. We went into the barn to see the emus, goats, sheep and rabbits. Every once in a while a friendly cat would brush up against our legs or emerge from a cat-bed. My mum and sister petted the animals but I was a bit scared of getting to close. My sister took some selfies with the ‘kids.’ We saw some lovely little fluffy horses—they were so adorable. A little cream-coloured dog appeared and then vanished. Ducks clucked, a hound bayed, and a buffalo was having his lunch. We then met Andy. I told him I’d heard him on I Am Alive and we had to come see the ranch for ourselves. He led us into the pig barn where pigs high-fived us, fist-to-snout. Andy was followed by a lovely dog named Red—poor thing had something wrong with her back legs but still wanted to follow him. Andy spoke passionately about the ranch and how his life had changed because of it. I told my Mum that we could go back and listen to the show on demand. I mentioned that when I heard it, I was on a bus and could not help but get emotional. Donations were popped into a little box. When we left, all of us could not get over how peaceful and harmonious we felt. The place and 2- and 4-legged beings in it just give off such good vibes. I’m sure that we will go back there again. Hearing about it on I Am Alive prompted our visit.

10:51 AM, December 28th, 2015
I listened to this show once again and loved it just as much as the last time. The visit we had last week to the ranch was truly magical and the work Andy and his team are doing is nothing short of remarkable! Thanks for highlighting it Tony!

1:28 PM, December 29th, 2015