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Thursday October 9th, 2014 with Suzette Schmiedel
Culture Shock

With travel and globalization the world has now become one big pool of cultures with a mixture of rich diversity and colourful cultural exchanges. If we look at our ancestry, almost all of us come from somewhere else. Our families and ancestors have travelled from far places to come and colonise this beautiful country that we have come to call home. What is it like to experience culture shock when you migrate to a new place? As the world changes and grows we do not know what the future holds for us. Maybe some day we will be displaced from our home into a foreign land? Together we will explore CULTURE SHOCK with local Artistic Director Colleen Williamson as she recounts the shocking true story of Family Motel.
Sister Celeste
Cheza - Cheza Canadian
African Women
Cheza - Cheza Canadian
It is a good day to die
Robbie Robertson - Music for Native Americans Canadian
Twisted Hair
Robbie Robertson - Music for Native Americans Canadian
Special Guest:
Colleen Marchand Williamson is a local well established Artistic Director with over 20 years experience in artistic endeavours for film and television. She has been involved with Whizbang Productions out of Toronto, Affinity Productions in Ottawa, as well as the National Film Board in Montreal. She also has worked for CBC, the Comedy Network and TVO and is presently working on a new film with Niche Media on First Nations of Canada. We interviewed her on the story of Family Motel, a shocking true story of what many families are faced with when they immigrate to Canada. Here are a few films she has worked on::

'Winds of Heaven' Emily Carr Documentary by Director: Michael Ostroff
DOP: John Walker, Aired on BRAVO
Will air in London, England with the exhibit of Emily Carr, October 2014.

Set Decorator for 'H2O' CBC Mini Series - Starring: Paul Gross

Art director/designer 'La Sacree' - First Franco/Ontario feature film - Balestra Productions
Director: Dominic Desjardins - DOP: Karl Roder

Art Director for 'Family Motel' - National Film Board of Canada
Winner of the Alex and Ruth Dworkin prize for a film that promotes tolerance.
Director: Helene Klodawsky - DOP: Germain Gutierrez
Film can be obtained at:

Art Director for MOUKI III
French children's television series promoting aboriginal folklore and environments issues.
***Gemini winner*** Director: Sonia Boileau - DOP: Patrick Kaplan

Art Director/Designer for 'FAMILY BIZ' – YTV - Children's Television series

To obtain a copy of the film Family Motel call 1-800-267-7710 and provide the Reference # 153C9107131