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Monday Special Blend
Monday July 10th, 2023 with Nathanael Newton
Aalya Ahmad & Claudia Salguero, Bev Forcier & Jim Davies

Aalya Ahmad has a discussion with artist, activist, & musician Claudia Salguero, Bev Forcer has a conversation cognitive scientist Jim Davies about emerging AI
Bruce Cockburn - Speechless - Monday Special Blend Theme Song
Yesterday's News
David Francey - Late Edition
Morning Special Blend Contributor Aalya Ahmad interviews award-winning Community Engaged Artist, activist, & musician Claudia Salguero. Discover more of Claudia's work at her website
La Llorona
Claudia Salguero - "CANTARES Claudia Salguero" - National Arts Centre, Ottawa, May 2016 -
"Calling" (Magdalena Matthey – Chile)
Claudia Salguero - Claudia Salguero Latin Folk Jazz 10 Years - May 2020 -
Yo naci aqui
Claudia Salguero - Canciones de Amor - April 2012 -
Bev Forcier interviews cognitive scientist Jim Davies about artificial intelligence
Interactive CKCU
Ghostrider 78
Excellent! Great to see Monday Blend back in action

11:54 AM, July 10th, 2023