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Monday Special Blend
Monday February 13th, 2023 with Colin & Emily
Moving Day! One Last Hurrah (for now) with Colin & Emily on MSB!

Join Colin & Emily for one last early morning on the Monday Special Blend before they move to a new time slot - Thursdays @ 8:30 pm! Featuring upcoming concerts with local talent!
Couldn't Leave U If I Tried
Young Guv - GUV III & IV Canadian
Crazy little girl
The Nines - Colour Radio (American transistor) Canadian
swimming in red
glitter party - swimming in red Canadian
Where I'm At
Ian Davies - The King of Bedroom Country Canadian
Wychwood and Libby & Cal will be performing an Anti-Valentine's Day show at Avant-Garde Bar (135 Besserer St.) on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. Doors open at 8:00 pm.
Blackest Crow (Acoustic Version)
Wychwood - Blackgrass Harvest Canadian
St. James Infirmary Blues (Acoustic)
Wychwood - Blackgrass Harvest Canadian
You Could
Libby & Cal - If You've Given Up on Love then Let's Call it Something Else Canadian
Tight Shipwreck
Libby & Cal - If You've Given Up on Love then Let's Call it Something Else Canadian
Left in left out
Claude Munson - Boxing Day Weekend Canadian New
Secrets and Songs
Danielle Allard - INVADER Canadian
How Was I To Know?
Le Trouble - Making Matters Worse Canadian
bandcalledmax - SIMULATED FLAVOUR Canadian
bandcalledmax - TURN IT UP Canadian
Bright Blue Ute
98 Camry - Two Songs
Everything Is Great
SERF - The Dunes You Wander In
Picture in Picture
Reno McCarthy - Picture in Picture Canadian New
La vague
Jeanne Côté - Suite pour personne Canadian New
Anna Mieke - Theatre New
Le corps en mouvement
Lou-Adriane Cassidy - Lou-Adriane Cassidy vous dit : Bonsoir Canadian
Summer Camry
Lucy Earle - That, You'll Never Forget Canadian New
May you sit down like a tree
Arthur Krumins - No Connection Canadian New
Interactive CKCU