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Monday Special Blend
Monday April 26th, 2021 with Jumpin' Joel Flash & Kim Valentine
It’s Pic Maynes and Tone Clusters and Pleasure Coaches on the Monday Special Blend!

This week's show had more previews of the Encore Ottawa concert series with some tracks from Pony Girl and Seiiizi! An interview with Tone Cluster! The Showtune Showdown is upon us, and it’s gone completely online! Gianluca Ragazzini and CKCU’s own Bob LeDrew joined us to yik yak choirs in isolation, sing singing with friends, and the magic of celebrity judges! Then another interview with local song-maker Pic Mayne! He’s new to town, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating and releasing new tunes, and collaborating with artists from Russia! PLUS an interview with Yoga teacher and Pleasure Coach Jenna Switzer! Kim hopped on the Zoom for a pleasurable conversation from across the planet! Also tunes from Romasta, Jasmine Trails, Eazy Finesse, JAZMINE FLAM(E)HER, & Max Webster! This week’s show art is Live! On Elgin… they LOVE local art and artists! Here’s hoping we can get back to loving them right back soon! Show art by Kim Valentine!
Toronto Tontos
Max Webster - Max Webster Canadian
Eazy Finesse - s/t Canadian New
Take it to the Streets
Eazy Finesse feat. Jazmineflamher - s/t Canadian New

More Eazy Finesse here:
Shifter writeup:

Show Tune Showdown Goes Virtual!
Ottawa’s popular LGBTQ+ choir Tone Cluster–quite a queer choir is thrilled to bring you an amazing virtual edition of Show Tune Showdown. This unique
Broadway-themed night of musical theatre has grown to be Ottawa’s largest local LGBTQ+ arts production.

The show features a celebrity judge panel with esteemed choir director Robert Filion, award-winning singer-songwriter Lynn Miles and CBC’s All in a Day host
Alan Neal, Emcee Bob LeDrew, Vanna Claire Voyance, and an opening number by Tone Cluster – quite a queer choir. Three local music theatre groups, Ain’t
Seen Noth’n Yet, Orpheus Musical Theatre and Zucchini Productions will compete for the title of Show Tune Showdown 2021 Champion.

Watch the showdown here:
more ToneCluster here:
Seiiizi - s/t Canadian New
Seiiizi - s/t Canadian New

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Seiiizi is an Afro-Caribbean Emcee DJ and Producer artistically influenced by her father's DJing of Reggae/Soca/Zouk and Dancehall. Following her first SoundCloud releases in 2015 Seiiizi Has Performed As a Rapper and DJ at various Festivals in the capital region. She aims to create a distinct musical selection by fusing sonic elements of Soca/House, Rnb, Afrobeats and Hip-hop.

More Seiiizi here:

Encore Ottawa - Live Performance: Seiiizi
Friday, April 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM
More info and watch link:
No God
Pony Girl - Foreign Life Canadian
Pony Girl - Foreign Life Canadian

Pony Girl is an art-pop band from Ottawa, originally formed in 2012 as an outlet to explore pop music through experimental means of orchestration and electronic production. The band has sculpted its sound over the course of two full-length records, Show Me Your Fears (“Cinematic and intense,” Ottawa Magazine) and Foreign Life (“Generously rewards multiple spins,” CBC Music); by touring Canada from coast to coast (“Quite astonishing to experience in person,” Exclaim!); and have new releases in store in 2021.

More Pony Girl here:

Encore Ottawa - Live Performance: Pony Girl
Friday, April 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM
More info and watch link:
My English
Romasta Feat. Pic Mayne - s/t Canadian New
Song 5
Pic Mayne - s/t Canadian New

Not your average Kansas City artist. Equipped with a style not common in the midwest, but still strive to get heard. Jermaine Brown (pic mayne) was born to mother Pauline Dunlap and Jermaine Brown Sr in Kansas City at 33-paseo. as a kid basketball lover until 1995-96. Love at first song and been nonstop since then

To show my dedication to my brother from another mother I went with PIC just ended it with mayne . Perfect fit do you think so? PIC went good with my group theme MBH i have started in which is Money Before Holes. The whole part is simple: never let anything bring you down if so climb out of it heading forward. Money is considered the love in which anything that you value is your love.

Went on with my life. I moved to Denver, Colorado linked up with ras al(boom ski). Been a 100% real friend ever since. so mbh is spreading and I will find a way to be heard . I have dropped singles like plan b which had a video to it and made a way video was being shot at an air bnb but the owners shut it down . My first ep was called attention Vs Love with hits like made a way on it. I’ve gotten married and moved to Canada 2020

More Pic Mayne here:
The Trouble of Magenta Rooms
Jasmine Trails - Destiny, Sweeter. Canadian New
Sunlit Tornado
Jasmine Trails - Destiny, Sweeter. Canadian New

Channeling Cycles of Love

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Apt 613 #ottmusic weekly playlist:

Jenna Switzer, originally from Canada, has been a passionate yogi for fifteen years and a teacher for almost a decade. She has lead workshops, trainings, retreats, and classes domestically and internationally. During her initial yoga teacher training, Jenna developed a passion for anatomy which set the foundation for numerous online and in-person courses offered through a variety of studios and Yoga Alliance certified programs. Through her passion for anatomy, Jenna discovered the power of pelvic floor work, both physically and energetically. Jenna’s online courses and one-on-one work has helped hundreds of students empower their lives. Jenna currently creates and teaches from a small surf village in Bali, Indonesia.

More Jenna here:
More Bells and Whistles
Wayne Lytle - Imaginaria Canadian
Watched YTV in the 90's? You know this track. ;)
Interactive CKCU