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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 15th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
From home with love.... again!

Local tracks found on Reddit! Highlights of cancelled events! and Max Webster!
Summer's Up
Max Webster - Max Webster Canadian

I’m playing Max tracks every week in tribute to Trish! After hostin’ (with the mostin’) The Brew for the past 6 years, she has stepped down from the role. She’s my BRFF (Best Radio Friend Forever) and I miss her greatly. Luckily, Webster is there to help us through all those darned emotions.
Bringer of Greater things
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits Canadian

"Dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department."

Saskatoon freezing deaths - "Starlight Tours"

documentary on Starlight tours:
I'm Your Garden
Krista Hartman - s/t Canadian New
Krista Hartman's new single, “I’m Your Garden” is a soulful summer song for anybody who has ever struggled to sustain a relationship. It's about trying to cultivate long lasting love with a partner.

Video premieres June 20!
Francine Honey - s/t Canadian

Reached out and BAM! I played the song on the radio!

Send us a note, yeah? It could happen to youuuuuuu
Broke down Ski’tuuq
Twin Flames - Signal Fire Canadian
Twin Flames - Twin Flames Canadian

They were supposed to be playing at the Library on June 16! COVID Cancelled! :(

Check em out online instead!
Max Webster - Mutiny up my sleeve
Rules of the Rain
Champagne Sundays - s/t Canadian New

Recorded with a class at Raven St. Studios! What FUN!
Red Alert
Barley - Lord Cochrance Canadian alert
Space Punk
John-Adam Nicastro - Musical Personality Disorder Canadian
Bahska x Nos - s/t Canadian
Wutsuh, Like if you put a furby in a barbecue and then the neighbourhood pothead started doing abstract art on it.

Stoby - Stoby EP Canadian
Stoby - Shark Girl Shark Shark Canadian

Supposed to be playing a gig at the Monkey this weekend! COVID Cancelled! :(

Give ‘em some spins here instead:

also check out this article on showbox:
Paradise Skies
Max Webster - A Million Vacations Canadian
Cody Coyote - s/t Canadian
Can You Hear Me Now?
Cody Coyote - s/t Canadian
Brothers Wilde - Brothers Wilde Canadian
Write you a Song
Brothers Wilde - Brothers Wilde Canadian

Brothers Wilde and Ottawa’s own Cody Coyote are playing as part of the summer solstice indigenous festival! Check out the schedule and link below!

~FRIDAY JUNE 19 -8:00 – 10:00pm
Brothers Wilde
Eagle & Hawk

~SATURDAY JUNE 20 - 8:00 – 10:00pm
Cody Coyote
Theland Kicknosway
Summer Turning Blue
Max Webster - Max Webster Canadian
Interactive CKCU