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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 8th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
Civic Action, local music, Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, and local music TV show!

Jumpin' Joel yik yaks about the BLM protest in Ottawa, the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, and a BRAND NEW TV SHOW about Ottawa Music!
Battle Scar
Max Webster - Universal Juveniles Canadian

I’m playing Max tracks every week in tribute to Trish! After hostin’ (with the mostin’) The Brew for the past 6 years, she has stepped down from the role. She’s my BRFF (Best Radio Friend Forever) and I miss her greatly. Luckily, Webster is there to help us through all those darned emotions.
Tariq Anwar - s/t Canadian New
Statistics on Bandcamp:

From Tariq:
"I am a Brown man. I was born in Ottawa. I've lived here my whole life. I know racism. What I do not know is what it's like to live with a constant target on my back. I do not know what it's like to be systemically brutalized by the structures in place that are purported to be there for my protection. I do not know what it's like to feel fear walking down a sidewalk or buying a carton of milk.

I know racism. My family know racism. Our origins show the deep scars of colonialism. We have lived with racism in Canada our whole lives. We have lived with it in our travels. But this is not the same thing. This is genocide. An entire culture has had to bear the weight of its own destruction for hundreds of years. I would not presume to understand how that feels.

So I wrote this tune as an observer. I wrote it after spending too many hours watching and reading the news. I've never written something so quickly nor have I ever felt such an urgency to share my own work.

Songwriters write about what they see and hear and I like to take my time when it comes to words. But things are moving too quickly to process and I had to get this out of me now. I wanted to express it while it was still raw."
The BLM protest this past Friday in Ottawa was a beautiful, peaceful showing of solidarity and love for the Black Community.

There was no riot. There was no violence. There was only peaceful protest, like the overwhelming majority of gatherings across North America, and the world.

There was some trouble in Montreal. But according to the proprietor of Steve's Music, " 'They're guitars, not human lives': Montreal merchant says getting looted was worth it to fight racism."

While a small minority of agitators may use a situation to their own advantage, these people should NEVER be equated with peaceful protesters. This is a moment of change. Remember to focus on the positive message, and continue to advocate for the end of bigotry.
Mountain Head - s/t Canadian
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Ol’ Dirty Bastard Cover)
Mountain Head - s/t Canadian

Supposed to be playing Neat Coffee shop on June 12! COVID Cancellation! :(
Their cover of “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” was endorsed by Wu Tang themselves! COOL

Check them out here:
Mother Roots
Silla and Rise - s/t Canadian New
Aurora Jade - s/t Canadian New
Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin
The Johnnys - Rock Canadian

The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival (SSIF) helps Canadians of all walks of life to recognize the enormous contributions that Inuit, First Nations and Métis peoples have made to Canada.

The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival – Virtual Edition will take place from June 1 – 21, 2020! Tune in for “live” Indigenous music and dance performances including virtual competition Pow Wow specials in partnership with the Social Distance Pow Wow.

Event website:

Tunes this weekend:

FRIDAY JUNE 12 - 7:30 – 9:00pm
Nelson Tagoona -
Silla & Rise -

SATURDAY JUNE 13 - 7:30 – 9:00pm
Aurora Jade -
The Johnnys -
Lifting the Curse
Darren Michael Boyd - Lifting the Curse Canadian
Was it Something I Said? (feat. Emily Dolan Davies)
Darren Michael Boyd - Lifting the Curse Canadian

Stringed goodness! Check out Darren here:
Killed by Karma - s/t Canadian

Killed By Karma is a hard rock band out of Ottawa, Canada bringing you hard hitting covers and originals with a few "bum grabber" ballads thrown in!
America's Veins
Max Webster - High Class and Borrowed shoes Canadian
One Chance
Sabrina Fallah - s/t Canadian
All or Nothing
Sabrina Fallah - s/t Canadian

Local artist contacted the brew directly! Then bingo bongo it’s on the radio! Why not try it for yourself? Maybe I'll play your track wow! :)
Kimberly Sunstrum - s/t Canadian New

Brand new song and video!


Kimberly was interviewed on what it's like being a Person of Colour in Ottawa:
My Name is
Kellylee Evans - I Remember When Canadian
And So We Dance
Kellylee Evans - I Remember When Canadian

Ottawa’s own Kellylee Evans was SUPPOSED to be playing at La Grange in Gatineau this weekend! COVID Cancelled! :( :( :(

Let’s listen on the radio instead! And go give her some love on her website:
This is the Life
Danielle Allard - s/t Canadian
Mad World
Danielle Allard - s/t Canadian

Danielle is rocking fancy covers on the Youtube every week! Go check her out, dang it!

Rascal Houdi
Max Webster - A Million Vacations Canadian
Interactive CKCU