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Monday Special Blend
Monday October 7th, 2019 with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott
Show #283 New music, music to hear locally - mingjia, The Lifers, Dan Kelly, Big Little Lions, Catherine Penfold, Lynne Hanson, Claude Munson, Delta Will, Vanden Dool, Mia Kelly, Brock Zeman and Los Gringos

The Brew Theme Song
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
mingjia - Feel Seen Canadian

released August 23, 2018

Mingjia Chen is based in Toronto and performs live only rarely.
The Lifers - s/t Canadian New

Released Friday, September 27, 2019

The Lifers’ new single titled “Tip” is an enviro-political outcry in the face of the current Global Climate Emergency. Shedding light on the seemingly small yet compounding choices we all make, “Tip” is a wake-up call to all humanity - voters and elected officials alike - who must work together to create positive, necessary, immediate, harmonious change. “Tip” is fervent, with ethereal synths and samples swirling amongst harp-inspired ukulele, haunting banjo, trembling cello, tidal percussion and foreboding electric guitar - a musical ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Can't be seen just looking out your window
To believe, you must know you don't know
Empathy cast so far away it crumbled
Two tiny degrees
I can barely conceive of just what that means
I'm making myself dizzy Untangling what's passed to our hands
While you're busy
Making oil hungry foes friends
You can’t hear her crying
But I can feel her dying
In each takeout container
In each tractor trailer
In each new skyscraper
n each refrigerator
And we're seeing the best of it Only see the tip of it
We can't see the rest of it
Only see the tip of it
I'm making myself dizzy Untangling what's passed to our hands
While you're busy
Making oil hungry foes friends
You can't hear her crying
But I can feel her dying
In each bottle of water
In each airport departure
In each resource imported
In each pipeline extorted
In each empty room lit up
In each shirt from a sweatshop
In each amazon order
In each lone car driver
In each lake I can't swim in
n each Doug Ford decision
And we're seeing the best of it
Only see the tip of it
We can't see the rest of it
Only see the tip of it
It's not if it's when
It's not if it's when
It's not if it's when
It's not if it's when
It's not if
Dan Kelly - s/t Canadian New

Released Oct. 5th, 2019 to a sold out crowd at Jamari Espresso House, Hamilton Ave. Hintonburg.
Here We Go Again
Big Little Lions - Inside Voice Canadian New

Brand new album from Big Little Lions, released Oct. 4, 2019.
Cookie Cutter
Big Little Lions - Inside Voice Canadian New
Katherine Penfold - Sweetest Thing Canadian New

Released Oct. 4, 2019

play from her website
Clean Slate
Lynne Hanson - s/t Canadian New
Released Sept. 5th

Live performance of the song Clean Slate off the Lynne Hanson album "Just Words" to be released on February 7, 2020.

CROWDFUNDING campaign runs till November 20 ...
The Silence Came After
Claude Munson - The Silence Came After Canadian

Delta Will and Claude Munson will be descending upon the Blacksheep stage on Thursday October 10th!

Ottawa's Claude Munson writes uninhibited impressionist-folk. Whether drenched in crystalline synths or stripped bare, Munson's songs tackle modern life and love with radical intimacy. His soaring, gritty tenor paints vivid pictures of hard promises and ecstatic joys: atmospheric narratives that unfold, Rorschach-like.

Delta Will is the ever-evolving songs project of Charles Tilden. The latest release Multitudes II "reinvents the band as a chamber-folk ensemble: there’s now violin, upright bass, and two clarinets to round out the band’s sound. Tilden’s lyrics have always been thoughtful, often asking huge existential questions about ourselves and nature. These musings fit perfectly into Multitudes II‘s relaxed atmosphere, and it’s only fitting that Sandro Perri had a hand in mixing this EP; his own music has always felt like an extension of nature itself." - Dominionated
Wood Wide Web
Delta Will - Multitudes II Canadian

released May 17, 2019
Pulling Your Sword out of the Devil's Back
Brock Zeman - Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil’s Back Canadian

When it comes to storytelling, Brock Zeman is a master craftsman. The Canada-based singer-songwriter has spent the past 12 years carving and chiseling Americana soundscapes, drawing from roots-rock and alternative country. But what separates Zeman from his contemporaries isn’t a willingness to speak truth – it’s his unwillingness to conform to the rules of Nashville and the traditional framework of genre. What gives Zeman’s stories force isn’t that he’s just singing a narrative – he’s living it.

Playing Friday!

Brock Zeman Live at Irene's w/ full band
Friday, October 11, 2019 at 9 PM
Irene's Pub - 885 Bank Street
Vanden Dool - Vanden Dool Canadian

Born and raised in Lethbridge, AB, Ty Vanden Dool is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge's Digital Audio Arts program and a former radio host on CKXU 88.3 FM. As a solo artist, Vanden Dool makes plain his adoration of the sound of 80's synthpop, now showcased with his self-titled debut album. Described by Divide and Conquer as "a heavy dose of synth ambience and emotion", "Vanden Dool" the album has made community radio chart appearances on Calgary's CJSW, Edmonton's CJSR, Toronto's CJRU and Kamloops' CFBX. After touring the album in Western Canada in the spring, Vanden Dool is now setting his sights on the other side of the country.

Playing TONIGHT at Bar Robo!

Vanden Dool w/ The Stellasonic and Teenage Fiction
Monday October 7, 2019 - 7PM
Bar Robo 692 Somerset St W, Ottawa
All Eyes on Us
Mia Kelly - Cardboard Box Canadian

Mia Kelly is a young Ottawa-Gatineau based singer/songwriter. Melding folk and rock with a twist of soulful blues, Mia's powerful voice draws audience members into songs that are filled with deep themes and raw emotions. She lights up the room with her happy soul and infectious music.
With many performances as well as an EP under her belt, including shows at RBC Bluesfest, Blacksheep Inn, Festival of Small Halls, Blueskies Music Festival to name a few, 16 year-old Mia's youthful spirit and fresh material will make it a show to remember.

Playing a CKCU Benefit show on Saturday!

CKCU Benefit Show w/ Mehdi Cayenne, Mia Kelly & Siberian Breaks
Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 8 PM
LIVE on Elgin - 220 Elgin St.
Los Gringos - s/t Canadian


Mark Ferguson has performed with many of the world’s great artists including Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Gil Evans, Nelson Riddle, Dionne Warwick, Natalie Cole, Tom Jones, Rosemary Clooney, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Gino Vanelli, Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass, Holly Cole, Manteca, The Funk Brothers and the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

Mark is a Faculty Lecturer (jazz, trombone) at McGill University, a Performance Instructor (Jazz Piano/Trombone)/ Sessional Lecturer at Carleton University and is active as a jazz clinician at high schools and universities across Canada.

playing Saturday!

Mark Ferguson Trio - New Date!
Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 7:30 PM
GigSpace Performance Studio - 953 Gladstone Avenue
Interactive CKCU