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Monday Special Blend
Monday August 26th, 2019 with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott
Mikhail Laxton drops by, Elle G and Elle Crites also drop by the studio, plus music from Antoine L. Collins, Andrew Mah, Mark J. Nyvlt, The Cardboard Crowns and jazz weather with Sam Wilson

The Brew Theme Song
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
Mitch Podalak, founder of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Home Routes house concert tour network and so much more, passed away last night.
He founded the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 1974. He went on to found the Vancouver Folk Festival and assisted in founding the Edmonton and Calgary folks festivals. He worked with Troy Greencorn to bring the Stan Rogers Folk Festival to life in Canso, Nova Scotia. He opened Barnswallow Records to support the career of Stan Rogers.

From David Woodhead
"Today, Mitch Podolak has passed away. I see him as one of the people who built the world as I know it. The world of music for the people, of folk festivals, independent recordings, and small scale but sustainable house concerts. A visionary, and I'm glad I live, at least partly, in that vision."
From Kev Corbett
"I so wasn't done with Mitch Podolak.

We made friends at an OCFF conference, when the ECMA was sponsoring a stage and I saw my friend Mickey Quase drag him in by the beard, and I only knew him by reputation, so I sang the leftiest Fuck The Man song I had, at the end of which there he was, back of the room, right fist in the air. He later belly-bumped me in the corridor and said, 'That wiz fuckin' fabulous', which is still, coming from him, one of the most validating moments I've ever had.

Over the years, I'd always drop in on him when I was in my favourite town. It always went until I worried if I'd wear out my welcome. We ate Chinese food, we gossiped, we ranted, he told a million stories, occasionally punctuated by phone calls that would come in, he leaning back in his chair, one leg crossed, one arm hanging over his head, staring off. The last time we hung, he and Ava took me for a drive to go look at this giant flock of egrets(?) that they loved and when we went to go eat at a diner later on, somebody was like Um yes Mr Podolak, we've just roasted a turkey and he's like, 'Give me the skin.'

So many have been sharing stories just like this. He was the kind of dude who saw you, he believed with every inch of his soul in you, he delighted in good time and good people and good food and music's intrinsic worth as a thing that people need. I owe him so, so much.

Love to everyone else left reeling by this loss.
Be good to each other."

Our hearts go out to his wife, Ava, his son, Leonard, and everyone else who knew him, who benefitted from his great vision and who now walks in his world.
Down the Road
Stan Rogers - From Cooffee House to Concert Hall - Fogarty's Cove Music Canadian
Les Feuilles Mortes
Antoine L. Collins - Nature Boy Canadian
On the "Nature Boy" album 2018. Socalled (Beats), Marianne Dumas (Keyboard, Phillip Victor Bova (Bass), Richard Page (Clarinet)

Singer, song writer and entertainer Antoine L Collins announce's the upcoming release of his new single Don’t Cry (for me).

Everyone is welcome to join Antoine at Tavern On The Hill on Friday, August 29, 2019 (9pm), to help celebrate Pride Month and preview Antoine L Collins new single "Don't Cry (for me).

Make sure to:

Tune in on August 30, 2019 from noon - 1pm to CBC’s Open Line Show “My Summer Soundtrack” with Antoine L Collins where Rita Celli will be chatting with Antoine about his Summer 2019 Soundtrack and his new music. Feel free to call in and share what you have been listening to this summer.


Join Antoine for Phunk at Mercury Lounge on August 30, 2019 for a free live performance of the new single and to groove the night away, doors open at 10PM.
Victory Chimes / Campbell Woods at The Blacksheep
Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 8 PM
Black Sheep Inn,753 ch Riverside, Wakefield, Quebec
An evening of timeless jazz standards & swinging pop classics!
August 31st
Renée Landry - Vocals
Terence Wright - Guitar
Richard Page - Sax

Tickets are $10, and available at: or
Mikhail Laxton - Whiskey & Wine - (Wine) Canadian

Bisghetti Nights
Last year Mikhail and his wife had the idea of getting a bunch of creative people together for some great food, drinks and good company.
The intention was to firstly create COMMUNITY by connecting with like-minded individuals. Specifically those who want to GROW in their craft.

This is for all you musicians, songwriters, visual artists, poets, photographers, actors, videographers, inventors, singers, those in media, business people etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro or just starting out.

This is a place to meet new like-minded people, to make friends, network and get excited about your skills, gifts and talents. Its also a space where we can all discuss and create new ways to form a strong arts community in Ottawa.
We run a monthly dinner party hosted by anyone who is part of this group and is keen to host and we will be running a creative/jam night every other month.

If you know someone else that you think would be interested feel free to invite them along to this group.

Bisghetti Nights
September 26th 2019
The Thirsty Maiden, Kanata
Wasting Our Time
Mikhail Laxton with Lydia Persaud - Live at the Great Hall Canadian New
Shuffleboogies from Sonota for Guitar by Roddy Ellias
Andrew Mah - s/t

Friday, August 30th at Bar Robo, Somerset St. Ottawa
The extremely talented Andrew Mah ( will warm you up from 8:30-9:30 p.m. with classical and Brazilian music. Andrew is also President of the Ottawa Acoustic Guitar Society. The MJN Band ( will carry the baton afterwards till 11 p.m. with original songs from the last three albums.

Cover: $10 Doors open at 8 p.m.
Light Of Home
Mark J Nyvlt - s/t Canadian
Church of Trees w Eniid at Ottawa's Irene's Pub!
Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 9 PM
Church of Trees releases a brand new single/video, and plays live after a 2 year hiatus! Sharing the stage is the magnificent Eniid who also releases a brand new single/video co-written/produced by the remarkable North Easton!
Manhatten Nights
Elle G - live in the studio Canadian
If I Ain't Got You (cover)
Elle G - live in the studio Canadian
ELLE G is an award wining r&b artist from London, On who now resides in Ottawa! Influences from Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga have given her the tools to write from a storytellers perspective with an r&b pop flair. 15 years into the music industry ELLE G has finally found her voice her story and through that she has written songs that have connected with audiences from all walks of life. She's excited to release her debut single "Dark Horse" under label "Young Wild & Free" Records.

ELLE G - Single and label, Launch party
Aug 30th, 2019
Lone Star, The Loft - 1211 Lemieux St.Gloucester, On
8pm Door, 9pm Showtime
Admission: $15.00


Bio: Elle Crites is a musical artist from the Ottawa area who began her singer, songwriter and composer musical career at an early age. Her relatable lyrics and fresh compositions reflect the realities of her generation and are appreciated by audiences of all age groups. She continues to add to her growing collection of originals with the goal of releasing her second single "Tidal Wave" in the summer of 2019 while working on her vocal, piano and performance training. She will be pursuing her post-secondary education in music at Carleton University.

Elle Crites - Single Launch party
Aug 31st, 2019
Bar Robo - 692 Somerset St W
8pm Door, 9pm Showtime
Admission: $10.00
Sam Wilson - Groundless Apprehensions Canadian


Sam Wilson is a guitarist and creative music writer who uses the creative practice of improvisation and composition to process the world around her. in addition to her solo project that explores the electric guitar in a solo context, she also writes and arranges for a small jazz ensemble. Sam is currently based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Playing this Thursday!

Moe Kabbara & Sam Wilson
Thursday, August 29, 2019
The Art House Café - 555 Somerset Street West
7:30 PM
Interactive CKCU