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Monday Special Blend
Monday January 21st, 2019 with Trish Bolechowsky and Joel Elliot
Gabriel Bouchard from Outside I'm a Giant drops in, Kim Valentine & Jocelyn van Wynsberghe come by to tell us about Day Camp for Creatives plus music - The Wayward Sound, Abigail Lapell, Our Native Daughters, The Peptides, Loon Choir

The Brew Theme Song
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
The Wayward Sound - The Wayward Sound Canadian New

This is from their October 17, 2018 debut, self-titled album
in celebration of the release of their first CD - "The Wayward Sound" - with 11 original alt-folk tunes they are throwing a party at Pressed!
Friday, January 25th
Doors open at 7 pm. The party begins with special guests "Scott and Jenn" at 8 pm. Get there early if you want supper first. Kitchen closes at 9PM.
10$ at the door. CDs will be on sale ($10)

The Wayward Sound is a four-piece Folk Rock/Traditional band from Eastern Canada currently based in Ottawa. They are: Doug Crump (guitar, vocals), Michael Jonz (mandolin, banjo, vocals), Olivia Pelling (violin, vocals, and Vance Trudeau (whistle, accordion).
Devil in the Deep
Abigail Lapell - GETAWAY Canadian New

Canadian Folk Music Award winner - Contemporary Album of the Year.
Her new album releases February 1st.

She'll be here in Ottawa with that new album on Wednesday, February 20th at Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St. Ottawa
Tickets are not yet available...we'll keep you in the loop!
A couple of really nice sounding jazz shows coming up at Avant Garde Bar
put this on in the background during the weather
Saxophone: Archer Cowen
Guitar: Will Ross
Bass: Ari Smith
Drumset: Jared Cooper

Thurs. January 24th, Robert Ball, from Toronto
Fri. January 25th, Jared Cooper jazz quartet from Phoenix, Arizona
Quasheba, Quasheba
Our Native Daughters (Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell) - Songs of Our Native Daughters New

Songs of Our Native Daughters release date: 21 February 2019

“Quasheba, Quasheba,” premiering below, was written by Birds of Chicago singer-songwriter Allison Russell as an attempt to reckon with and shed light on the singer’s ancestral roots in West African slavery. After the singer found out her family line can be traced back to an enslaved person named Quasheba, Russell felt compelled to pay tribute in song.

“Such was her strength and resilience that she somehow survived the transatlantic crossing in the hold of a slave ship, and was eventually sold to a large sugar cane plantation in Grenada,” Russell writes in the album’s liner notes. “I wept to learn her name.”

Guided by Russell and Giddens’ twin banjo playing, “Quasheba, Quasheba” is a simmering folk-noir that slowly builds, with Dirk Powell and Leyla McCalla adding cello and electric guitar accompaniment as Russell’s tale of strength and survival progresses.

“Raped and beaten/Every baby taken/Starved and sold and sold again,” Russell sings with quivering grace, “But ain’t you a woman/Of love deservin’/Ain’t it somethin’ you survived.”

We Fell in Love for the Very Last Time
The Peptides - Galápagos Vol. I Canadian New running time 4:39 but can fade after 3

The Peptides are at The Black Sheep, Wakefield QC.
There is a car pool running to help get folks to the show. Check the FB group for Black Sheep Car Pool (
Friday, January 25th at 20.30 pm, tickets $20 (taxes incl)
18 plus show
Washed Ashore
Outside I'm a Giant - Undoubting Belief in the Good - RedLeaf Music Canadian New
running length 4:26

Gabriel Bouchard from Outside I'm a Giant joins us in the studio with their new album, Undoubting Belief in the Good

Outside I'm a Giant release their second album at the NAC Fourth stage on February 2nd, part of NAC Presents.
The show is sold out.

Their new album is a follow on to their first, Point Comfort, which was released in October 2017. They're back 16 months later with their second full album, and their first as a four-piece. Since Point Comfort was released, in late 2017 Gabriel Bouchard, a multi-instrumentalist, joined the band to play clarinet and bass clarinet. His role expanded while they were in the recording studio with this second album to include tenor sax, flute, guitar and percussion.
Blue Ford Bronco
Outside I'm a Giant - Undoubting Belief in the Good - RedLeaf Music Canadian New
running length 4:34
Love in a Cup
Outside I'm a Giant - Undoubting Belief in the Good - RedLeaf Music Canadian New
running length 4:03
Kim Valentine & Jocelyn van Wynsberghe join us in the studio

They have a great event coming up, Day Camp for Creatives
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Mariposa Farm, Plantagenet
$75 for this daytime event

Draw draw draw... but maybe you wanna try it somewhere outside of your room, and away from your cat, and all your stuff.

Come to Day Camp for Creatives. An opportunity to make new local art friends, tour Mariposa Farm, and create art in new surroundings.

Mariposa Farm is a mixed farm, managed by Ian Walker & Suzanne Lavoie. Located in Plantagenet Ontario, they Offer a unique opportunity for us city kids to connect with agriculture, and to learn about raising livestock and growing food sustainably.

At Day Camp for Creatives we want you to feel welcome and safe. We know that blocks happen. That imposter syndrome can be a recurring battle. It’s okay. You’re not alone. Take a step out of your daily routine, and find inspiration on the farm. Make new friends.

Here’s what you can expect at Day Camp for Creatives..

Transportation to & from the farm Full tour of Mariposa Farm Soup & Sandwich lunch Two full hours of art time around the farm Friendships & inspiration

Our meeting point is McNabb Community Centre at 8:45AM. Transportation to the farm leaves McNabb CC at 9am sharp. Don’t be late. We’ll miss you. Our interactive tour of the farm & how it works is about an hour. Then we are free to meander and art. OH WOW! Homemade lunch is served in the farmhouse around noon. We leave Mariposa at 2PM sharp Return to at McNabb by 245-3PM.

Soup and sandwich lunch will be provided. Let us know if you have any allergies. Please bring your own art supplies - dry mediums or watercolours only.
Farms are full of animals so wear boots & dress warmly.
The Joking Veil
John Aaron Cockburn - Ok Everything Canadian

Friday. January 26th at Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St. along with Loon Choir
Wild Things
Loon Choir - . Canadian

Friday, January 26th at Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St. its a share bill with Loon Choir and John Aaron Cockburn

Aaron Cockburn led the avant-folk collective Little Suns (formerly Dry River Caravan) to a record contract and international touring before venturing out with his own solo project, which released a sophomore record, “OK Everything”, in the fall.

Loon Choir has been laying low to focus on releasing a fourth album, which is nearly finished. (Part of this show's proceeds will go toward covering the mastering process, so they appreciate your support!)
Interactive CKCU
Vance Trudeau and TWS
Thanks for playing out tune "Alone". Check out the other songs. CD release party is Jan 25 at Pressed.

7:20 AM, January 21st, 2019
Trish Bolechowsky (host)
You're welcome Vance. Pressed is a great place for the album release party!!

8:03 AM, January 21st, 2019
Vance Trudeau
We really appreciated the coverage back in January. Any chance to play another song from the album? WE have an upcoming gig May 4th. Details below. CHEERS.

6:48 AM, April 27th, 2019